MBA Information Technology Management

Degree Overview

Our online MBA with an IT management emphasis will make you incredibly valuable in the information technology industry. The MBA in Information Technology will prepare you with the skills and knowledge to take on mid- to upper-level IT management positions in a variety of settings. You will become an advanced IT manager with the skills and knowledge to set you above the competition.

Who the program is for:

  • Experienced IT professionals seeking to move into management positions and need the credentials to do so.
  • Individuals with "real world" experience who seek in-depth knowledge and skills in business and IT management and strategy.
  • Individuals who can typically spend 15 or more hours per week on their studies.

This program will be flexible and adaptable to your schedule. Click here to learn how your program works.

What You’ll Learn -—Areas of Study:

In this online MBA in technology management, you’ll learn all the essential skills and knowledge needed. This program includes the following areas of study and completion of a capstone project.

  • Managing Organizations and Leading People
  • IT Project Management
  • Managing Human Capital
  • Marketing
  • Global Economics for Managers
  • Accounting for Decision Makers
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Financial Management
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • IT Strategic Solutions

Total Program: 35 Competency Units (credit equivalents)

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Questions & Answers

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Yes, WGU is highly respected. We developed our online MBA programs with significant input from experts and business leaders who serve on our Business Program Council. Our National Advisory Board consists of major corporations and foundations that provide ongoing support and advice to the university, including Google, Microsoft, and Oracle, among others. Our emphasis on developing highly competent graduates is one of the key reasons for our business support.

You advance through your program by demonstrating your competence on rigorous assessments. There are significant portions of this program where you can progress more quickly if you already possess considerable competency in those subject areas. This program incorporates some team projects where you may not be able to accelerate your progress, dependent on the members of your team.

The program involves case studies, simulations, and projects that will require you to incorporate real-world business problems. Your time to completion will ultimately depend on your current competencies, plus the amount of time and effort you (and your teammates) can commit to your studies. Speak to an Enrollment Counselor to learn more.

As a WGU student, you take and complete assessments. For the online MBA program, these assessments include simulations, team projects, and complex business assignments. You’ll prepare for these assessments by engaging various learning resources including e-textbooks, web tutorials, and online simulations. You will determine what learning resources are best for you in consultation with your mentor using your personalized Degree Plan. Speak to an Enrollment Counselor who can explain this program in greater depth.