Faces of WGU

Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana

WGU is a unique possibility for adult aspirants to pursue the college degree they have always wanted and needed at a schedule they can manage, and at a cost they can afford. WGU is facilitated by mentors that work with each student, helping them get through the difficult passages and challenges that arrive.

For many adults a college degree seems just a dream. WGU is for today’s adults; for those whom the traditional college years have come and gone, for them to grow to their true potential. In that respect, the WGU model, the ingenious model, fits like a tailored suit. It is open to any and to all, but it is most particularly well suited for those who wish to achieve a college education at later stages in life.

The WGU model allows a person with ambition, who is on fire with the desire to educate themselves. It is for them to better and expand their possibilities, to move at their own rate and at a more affordable cost. They will graduate with the assurance that the education they receive will be as accredited and fully worthy as if they graduated from a state institution.