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Education without boundaries.

WGU was founded to deliver education solutions to all students, regardless of location or privilege. To accomplish this goal, we have focused on the question: What do students need?  After more than 20 years of innovation and proven results, we feel an obligation to share what we have learned with policymakers. We are confident that these insights will improve the nation’s education and workforce development systems.  Our recommendations center on five universal student needs:

1. Access to lifelong learning.

2. Affordable learning opportunities.

3. Relevant, attainable programs connected to work.

4. Recognition for learning—regardless of where they (L)earned It.

5. Modernized, common-sense approaches to licensure & regulations.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to provide our fellow Americans with these critical adjustments in their lifelong education journeys. We welcome any and all discussion and contributions from you, who are our partners in this important work. 

Policy publications.

Policy playbooks.

State, local and national policymakers are uniquely positioned to accelerate change in educational practice. Because WGU was founded by political leaders and because we believe in the critical and unique role governments have in education, we invite all policymakers to join us as active partners in our pursuit to reinvigorate the promise of education to better serve today’s students. 

These playbooks offer solutions to the needs of today’s learners and students. The recommendations discussed reflect many of the “hot topics” in statehouses throughout the country, including how to better serve adult learners; how to better connect talent to opportunity; upskilling and reskilling workforces; transitioning to lifelong learning, and ensuring better student outcomes.

Policy briefs.

Policy briefs are short research-based summaries, options, and recommendations for a public policy issue.  They present a clear and concise rationale for WGU’s positions on relevant topics and are tailored for policymakers to receive the most information possible with their limited time.

WGU’s 2020-2021 policy brief series will cover education and workforce topics especially relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession. Our policy research team is tirelessly working to identify and elevate best-practices in higher education policy, and our briefs will contain not only exemplary legislation but critical steps state, local and federal government leaders can take to reduce inequity and increase the effectiveness of higher education in their communities.

Policy briefs coming soon...