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Measuring Our Impact

WGU 2021 Annual Report

Measuring what matters most is how we hold ourselves accountable for having an impact on higher education that will change lives for the better. We believe transparency and data-driven decision-making are critical for higher ed.

Our Annual Report tells the story of our progress in 2021 and our vision for the future through data, the experiences of our students, and more. 

Gallup’s WGU Alumni Outcomes Report 2021

Because WGU believes its success is measured by its graduates’ success, we participate in the Gallup Alumni Survey. The survey quantifies college graduates’ academic and post-graduation outcomes.

Lengthening Our Stride

Reinventing higher education for impact at scale requires a collective, comprehensive effort. Improving the quality, accessibility, and outcomes of higher education must compel all of us to do more. At WGU, we have invested in endeavors to transform not only the institution but also the system of higher education. Our expanded vision has WGU the university at its core, with additional entities built to magnify our innovation capacity and increase resources and capital flexibility. 

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WGU Labs
WGU Advancement
Juvo Ventures 
WGU Academy

the WGU State Policy Playbook

State Policy Playbook

State and local policymakers are uniquely positioned to accelerate change in educational practice. WGU’s policy playbook shares recommendations around these central education policy priorities:  

  • Personalized learning
  • Affordable, accessible, and equitable pathways to opportunity
  • Building on-ramps to work
  • Whole-learner support services

State Policy Playbook Sections

Western Governors University’s Removing Barriers for Working Learners series is intended to capture the central public policy lessons learned through Western Governors University’s (WGU) history of serving learners—particularly working learners—and is reinforced by our experiences over the past few years.