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Digital Divide

Talent is Universal. Access to the Internet is Not.

Digital connectivity is no longer a luxury; it is critical infrastructure to which all Americans need access. But the digital divide—the gap between those who have internet access and digital literacy and those who don’t—currently leaves more than 21 million Americans offline and left behind. 

In an era when broadband is a prerequisite to accessing higher education and many of the fastest-growing job fields, the digital divide is limiting the development of our workforce and amplifying inequity. In order to close the digital divide, we must improve access to:

  • Reliable broadband connections. If we want to close equity gaps in education, we must start by closing the digital divide. Every tech leader, innovator, academic institution, and policymaker must work together to take immediate action and expand internet access to every American.

  • Digital literacy programs. According to a recent survey by software company Salesforce, 76% of workers don’t feel prepared to be successful in a “digital-first” world. State and local governments must ensure their community members are given the opportunity to learn adequate digital literacy skills.