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Celebrate Your Accomplishments at a WGU Commencement Weekend

A Message from the WGU Commencement Office

The WGU Commencement Office is pleased to announce the final commencement dates and locations for all 2024 commencement weekends. 

The full list of upcoming commencement dates and locations for 2024 is listed here. Make sure to review the updated commencement participation guidelines.

How to Register for Commencement

1. Are you eligible? 

  • Are you a graduate?
  • Has your Graduation Application been submitted to the Student Records department?
  • Or do you have one final course left, such as capstone, final certification, with the exception of direct hours for field experience or student teaching? If yes, proceed.

2. Review upcoming ceremonies.

3. Navigate to the city of your choice and read through the details. Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page to view deadlines for ordering your cap and gown.

4. Click the blue button on the city page that says “RSVP Now” 

Note that if you are not yet eligible for commencement, please email us at when you are enrolled in your final course, and we would be happy to confirm your eligibility.


2024 Commencement Weekends

May 3-4 – Cincinnati

May 11 – Spring Virtual

August 16-17 – Salt Lake City

September 20-21 – Orlando

October 18-19 – Fort Worth

October 26 – Fall Virtual

Updated Commencement Participation Guidelines

Stay in the Know

1. Visit this link to opt in to receive commencement updates. 

2. Refer to this WGU Commencement page for the latest and most accurate information. 


Please bookmark and and email with questions.