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Frequently asked questions Find answers to all your alumni questions.

If your question isn't answered below, we have a team who can help! Simply email or call a member of the WGU Alumni Relations team at 385-428-2085.

General alumni FAQs.

 As a WGU graduate, this community is for you. Here, you will find:

  • Alumni-specific perks
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Ways to network and speak out
  • Alumni news and events
  • Every detail for Commencement Weekend

First - Congrats!
Second - Find more information about registration, date/time, and day-of details on the WGU Commencement page.
You can also call the WGU Alumni Relations team and ask for Commencement Weekend information: 385-428-2085.

First - Congrats!
Second - Find more information about registration, date/time, and day-of details on the WGU Commencement page.
You can also call the WGU Alumni Relations team and ask for Commencement Weekend information: 385-428-2085.

Contact the Alumni Relations team. Email with your name, mailing address, phone number, the program you graduated in, and your graduation year. Per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), graduates must verify personal identity information before we can release their Student ID number. 

Officially, you should read this. For your curiosity (and our bragging rights), we share a list of secondary universities who we know have accepted WGU grads.
Note: WGU graduates have self-reported being accepted to this list of universities for their continued education. Share yours if it's not represented!

We think that reading an explanation on competency-based learning and the grading system might help. Download an official Grading Explanation Letter here. 

Most school districts no longer require university placement files and have an online application process in place that allows applicants to upload their own files. However, WGU offers placement file services to students and graduates from the Teachers College if a school district specifically requests a placement file be sent directly from the applicant’s university. For more information on this service, please visit or contact the WGU Records Department at

Your 1098-T form, if available, is found in your student portal on or before January 31st of the following year. Log into your student portal, select your Student Support tab, click the Financial Services section, and select the "Obtain Tax Forms (1098-T)" link in the financial toolbox. The 1098-T forms can be found in the right-hand bottom side of the screen that pops up.. You may also contact the WGU Bursar Office at 1-877-435-7948 extension 3105 if you have any questions.

For help in accessing your Student Portal, use WGU IT Service Desk at 877.435.7948.

Diploma FAQs.

WGU diplomas are mailed to the graduate within 10-15 business days (pending any financial hold on the student account), to the address indicated on the graduation application. If you have not received your diploma within this time period, please contact the Graduation Clearance team in the Student Records Office

To order a duplicate diploma using a credit or debit card, or a web check, please visit your WGU Student Portal. Once there, click on the "Student Support" tab, then the "Financial Services" link. Locate the "Financial Toolbox" and click on the "Pay Fees or Purchase Items" link. A new page should open up, and there you can find the "Duplicate Diploma - WGU Graduate Only" link.

You can email requesting to change your name. You will be asked for proof of your name change so that it can be officially changed on your record and then it will reflect on your diploma. If you have already received your diploma and wish to change your name on it, you will go through the same process but you may need to purchase a new diploma which is $10.

Transcript FAQs.

You can access and download your unofficial WGU transcript from within the WGU Student Portal. Once logged in, proceed to the “Student Support” tab. There you will be able to "Download an Unofficial Transcript."

Communication FAQs.

WGU alumni maintain access to their WGU email accounts even after graduating. To access your email account, login to your WGU Student Portal, and click on the “Mail” icon. If you are unable to login to the WGU Student Portal, you can reset your password by going to and clicking on the "Reset Password" link. For additional help in accessing the WGU Student Portal, please contact the WGU IT Service Desk at 877.435.7948.

WGU Alumni Relations sends all email communication to the graduating students’/graduates’ personal email addresses. This includes communication about WGU Commencement Weekends. 
A personal email address is what a graduate or graduating student lists as the primary email address on the graduation application and/or the graduate profile. The graduate may list a personal email address or a WGU email address as the primary email address. A primary email is determined by the graduate. The email address entered by the graduate will be referred to the “personal” email address. 

If you would like to update the email address listed on your grad profile, please login at 


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