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Episode 13 – WGU Grad Cintya Auld and Alumni team members Natalie Carter and Scott Baker

WGU IT grad Cintya Auld shares her transformative story of overcoming major life challenges to go on to become a leader in cybersecurity. Also get to know Alumni team members Natalie Carter and Scott Baker as they share their experiences of supporting WGU's growing alumni base. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Cintya Auld Cintya Auld

Cintya’s life is remarkable, especially considering the odds she faced at an early age. An underage, undocumented immigrant, high school dropout, and temporarily homeless mother of one with another on the way, she has completely done a 180-degree turnaround updating those titles to U.S. citizen, a two-time college graduate, and a cybersecurity professional. 

In 2015, Cintya graduated as a first generation college graduate from WGU with a bachelor’s degree in business information technology management. Along with her degree, she earned four IT certifications and found herself updating the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s information system as an IT project manager only weeks after graduation, which was a far cry from where she was just years prior. 

A wife and mother residing in Fort Worth, Texas, she currently serves as an enterprise-level cybersecurity professional and looks forward to continuing to evolve as a professional and as an individual with diverse interests.

On episode 13 of the podcast, Scott Baker mentioned the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association. Here are links for additional information: 

Episode 12 – WGU grad and successful business owner Spencer Wade and Alumni team members Beau Jones and Wendi Gerardis

WGU IT grad and business owner Spencer Wade joins the podcast to talk about alumni ambassador opportunities as well as his successes in founding and running his business, Lift Conversions. Also in this episode, get to know alumni team members Beau Jones and Wendi Gerardis as they join and share their experiences in supporting WGU's growing alumni base. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Spencer Wade Spencer Wade

WGU IT graduate Spencer Wade is the solutions-oriented principal strategist at Lift Conversions—the Google partner digital marketing agency he founded in 2014. Today, Lift Conversions has locations in both Chicago, Illinois, and Westminster, Colorado. 

Spencer has earned numerous certifications from the IT industry’s governing bodies and holds a range of Google alum titles for his years of work in their forums and programs. These roles, along with his extensive experience in marketing across verticals, have given Spencer a voice of authority in the fields he’s passionate about. He's using that voice to assist individuals and businesses in their marketing pursuits.

Lift Conversions, his agency of Trusted Digital Media Advisors, offers a full line of digital marketing services—from world-class Google ads management to website design. His team delivers a unique blend of boutique-style attention and powerhouse results to clients in more than 47 verticals across the US, Canada, and the EU—with a referral rate of more than 90%!

Episode 11 – Two-time WGU grad Matt West and Alumni team members Krysten Gross and April Torres Chew

Two-time grad and creative specialist from the Show Me State, Matt West, joins the podcast to talk about his career success as well as his work with his recent appointment to a nonprofit board. Also, in the first of a three-party series, alumni team members Krysten Gross and April Torres Chew join to share how they support our alumni throughout the country.  Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Matt West Matt West

After a decade of hitting walls in his career with just an associate’s degree, Matt West found WGU and earned not one degree, but two. First, in 2018, he earned his bachelor’s in marketing management, and a short time later he earned his master’s in management and leadership. 

West hails from Fredericktown, Missouri, a midwestern town with a population of 4,000 residents. In 2016, West moved to the "Gateway to the West"—St. Louis. There, he’s flexed his creative muscles advancing in his career. Currently, he serves as a creative specialist at Neighbors Credit Union. 

West was recently appointed to the Nonprofit Marketers Network - STL and is instrumental in helping support nonprofits as they reach for their goals. 

Episode 10 – Two-time WGU grad Doug Vigliano and Bonnie Monteleone from WGU’s Career and Professional Development

Two-time WGU grad Doug Vigliano from Austin, Texas, joins the podcast to talk about his recent graduation experiences as well as his new promotion. Also, Bonnie Monteleone from WGU's Career & Professional Development team shares some great insights and resources available to our alumni. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Doug Vigliano Doug Vigliano

A short time after earning his MBA from WGU, Doug Vigliano was promoted to director of marketing at his employer, Construction Journal. He’s now taken the leap from individual contributor to leading and managing an entire marketing team where he helps forecast, analyze, and identify relevant construction opportunities. Additionally, Doug is a co-founder and COO of his wife’s nutrition business, Thrival Nutrition, based in Austin, Texas.  

Episode 9 – WGU’s Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Jason Thompson

WGU's new Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, Jason Thompson, joins the alumni podcast for an important conversation regarding the current racial climate. He's leading discussions on race relations among other topics internally at WGU, and here we share these helpful insights with our alumni. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Jason Thompson Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson is WGU's Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Jason has more than 20 years of experience specializing in diversity, equity and inclusion, community outreach, strategic planning, and more. Jason earned his bachelor's and master's degree in sociology from the University of Wyoming, and has worked at large global organizations leading diversity and equity, including Techstars, INTERGIS, and the United States Olympic Committee. Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to WGU and is focused on helping the university in develop and accomplish diversity and equity intiatives and goals.

Episode 8 - IT leader and WGU Alumnus David Rettig

IT grad, author, and founder of two companies David Rettig joins the podcast to share why he provides an edgy voice in the IT landscape and how’s he’s been able to create success in the industry.. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

David Rettig David Rettig

After David Rettig earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Franklin University, he enrolled at WGU seeking a master’s in management and leadership. This degree from WGU further strengthened his position as a leader in the IT Industry. David provides an edgy voice in today’s landscape. He’s authored four books and founded two companies providing CIO advisory services.  

He is currently researching effective practices in leadership development as part of a doctorate in business administration at Wilmington University. He’s been married for 28 years to the only woman in the entire world with the patience to put up with him. He has three kids that think he's a great dad because they really don't know any better.

Episode 7 - Musician and WGU Alumna Angie Keilhauer

WGU grad Angie Keilhauer joins the WGU Alumni podcast and shares what it was like to earn a degree from WGU while being a contestant on NBC's The Voice. She shares how the degree has helped her music career and what she's up to now. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Angie Keilhauer Angie Keilhauer

Two years into her first attempt at a college degree, Angie Keilhauer gave up her scholarship to become a full-time singer-songwriter. Her parents, sacrificing immigrants from El Salvador, felt far from ecstatic after hearing that Angie was dropping out. But college simply just didn’t make sense to her—she wanted to go on tour, not attend Monday morning lectures. 

During her first tour, Angie realized she needed to learn the tools necessary to run a successful business in music. This is when she learned of WGU from her mom, who graduated from WGU at the age of 60. Though memorizing legal jargon felt incredibly out of place as she simultaneously prepared for NBC’s The Voice, it was her courses at WGU that gave her the confidence to read through her entire show contract and later create a budget to record an album and marketing plan. Angie earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing management from WGU in 2019 and recently released her latest single, Real Talk.

Episode 6 - Chris and Gina Abbey, a Colorado Couple with Three WGU Degrees

On episode 6, we catch up with husband-wife duo and Coloradoans Chris and Gina Abbey, who, between the two of them, have three degrees from WGU. The Abbeys share their successes in the nonprofit and cybersecurity industries, respectively. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Chris Abbey Chris Abbey
Gina Abbey Gina Abbey

Gina Abbey earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2014 . She has a background in sales and development and most recently joined the Bridge of Hope Greater Denver, which helps single moms and their kids who are facing homelessness in the Denver, Colorado, area. She has been instrumental in raising funds and working with donors and sponsors.  

Chris Abbey is a two-time WGU graduate, first earning a bachelor’s degree in IT Network Design and Management back in 2013, and then later a master’s degree in Information Security and Assurance. He’s held various leadership positions in cybersecurity and currently is the senior customer service success manager at Red Canary, which is an ally security in detection and response for customers. 

Most importantly, they are the parents of two little girls and have been married for 15 years. 

Gina’s organization is doing a virtual fundraiser “run” for Mother’s Day through May 31Learn more or donate here

Episode 5 - Nursing Grad Jacqueline Becerra and WGU Director of Marketing, Sam Osselaer 

This podcast gives a behind-the-scenes look at WGU’s "Ambition Never Rests" national advertising campaign. WGU Director of Marketing, Sam Osselaer, will share this insight, and then we’ll hear from one of the inspiring WGU alumni featured in the national campaign, San Antonio Texas-native Jaqueline Becerra. Becerra will share all that she’s overcome to become a healthcare and nonprofit leader in her community. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Jacqueline Becerra Jacqueline Becerra

Jacqueline Becerra from San Antonio, Texas, is a wife, mother, nurse, pastor, philanthropist, nonprofit champion, and proud WGU graduate. Throughout her years, Jacqueline has never let her life circumstances limit her. Instead, she used them as a driving force to help people facing the same hopelessness she did at one point in time. Jacqueline projects that drive into her work with her nonprofit organization, Hope and Life Centers, as well as her job as a Nursing Director at Tenet Healthcare in San Antonio. 

She earned her master of science in nursing from WGU in 2018, and earlier this year, WGU unveiled a 45-foot mural in her hometown to honor her as part of its "Ambition Never Rests" campaign for her overcoming numerous hardships and going on to accomplish her goals. Becerra is a shining example to all and we are proud to have her representing WGU as an alumna.

Episode 4 - IT Grad Gussie Hopkins and WGU Advancement President Annalisa Holcombe

Recent WGU grad and IT mover-and-shaker Gussie Hopkins joins the podcast to share how she is having great success as a woman in IT. Also, President of WGU Advancement, Annalisa Holcombe, joins and gives us an update on how students, alumni, and foundations are making a great impact by paying it forward. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Gussie Hopkins Gussie Hopkins

Gussie Hopkins’ journey in higher education began 16 years ago after getting pregnant with her son, Chris, during her first semester in community college. Though she was having a baby, she knew that she didn’t want to become another statistic and would graduate no matter how long it took. She chose to attend community college and continue making the 90-minute commute to school with her newborn strapped to her chest.

Throughout her journey, she faced many challenges that stood between her and her degree. But Gussie perserved, knowing that education had the power to change the course of her life. At the age of 30 and as a mother of two, she found WGU. During her time at WGU, she was able to lean on her Program Mentor and others throughout all the ups and downs. In 2019, she earned her bachelor’s in IT Management and today serves as a project manager at Stratix, a large mobility solutions provider company headquartered Norcross, Georgia. 

Episode 3 - MBA Grad Jordan Barta and WGU's Refer-a-Friend Team

Jordan Barta, WGU MBA grad, joins the podcast and shares his business success and why he’s referred more than 20 individuals to WGU. Chris Mumford and Bret Smith from WGU’s Refer-a-Friend team talk about why referrals are so important to the university and how you can earn cool swag when you refer your friends and family. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Jordan Barta Jordan Barta

Oregon native Jordan Barta earned a bachelor’s degree in 2011 while playing football for California Lutheran University as a defensive end. After college, Jordan spent five months in Finland playing outside of Helsinki and seven months in Ingolstadt, Germany. Following this time, he returned to the United States and began working as an account manager at an online affiliate marketing company.

He knew that to advance his career, a master’s degree would be key. In 2016, while working for the company Paychex, he found WGU, which had a partnership with the payroll company. He loved WGU’s program and found it extremely relevant to the demands of his full-time employment, and he started to get attention from his company’s leadership. Since earning his degree, he has advanced his career by leveraging his experience and education to better roles, which has helped him double his salary.

Jordan is currently a customer sales director at SumTotal Systems, an East Coast-based company specializing in helping organizations with their human capital management strategies. He is a huge advocate of WGU—he’s referred more than 20 individuals to the online, nonprofit university, one of which is his wife, Michelle, who earned her MBA in Healthcare Management.  

When Jordan is not working, or referring family and colleagues to WGU, he’s often traveling with his wife, exercising, or finding any reason to be outside. 

WGU Refer-a-Friend
Jordan recounts his WGU experience

Episode 2 - TC Graduate Sean Boston and WGU Scholarship Director Amanda Savage

WGU Teachers College graduate, Boise, Idaho, native, and national award-winning physics teacher Sean Boston joins the podcast. Also, learn more about the many scholarship opportunities available to alumni, family members, and others as we talk with WGU Scholarship Director Amanda Savage. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Sean Boston Sean Boston

WGU alum and Boise, Idaho, native Sean Boston was recently recognized in Washington, D.C., as one of the top science teachers of the year. Boston was one of only 100 science, math, and technology teachers recognized by the White House for teaching excellence for the 2017 school year. Boston, along with the others recognized, was given a sizeable financial award, the opportunity to connect with fellow award-winning teachers, and the chance to visit and tour the museums and monuments in the nation’s capital.

Sean is a first-generation college student. He earned his bachelor’s in engineering from the University of Idaho. As an undergraduate student, he wasn’t sure what career path to head down, but he knew engineers were paid very well, so he pursued that route. After working as a mechanical engineer for four years, Sean desired a greater connection to his community—and he felt that his calling was to be a teacher. He found WGU online and, like many WGU students, was able to make a career change, graduating from WGU in 2016 with a master’s in science education. Although he took a sizeable pay cut, he finds great fulfillment as a teacher and has never looked back. The award and recognition help Sean know he made the right decision.

Episode 1 - WGU Alumna Rachael Black and Commencement Manager Elizabeth Aranda

On our first episode, we catch up with WGU Teachers College alumna, science teacher, and Texas native Rachael Black. We also talk all things WGU Commencement with Elizabeth Aranda, who oversees these events as the Manager of Commencement at WGU. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Rachael Black Rachael Black

Weatherford, Texas, native Rachael Black is the oldest of six kids and the first in her family to graduate from college. A successful mother of two young boys, Rachael entered her first year of teaching in 2016 after graduating from WGU, but her early life was full of challenges.

Rachael recounted some of those challenges when she shared her story at WGU’s commencement in Houston in 2016. She said: “I grew up impoverished, a prison inmate’s daughter, neglected and abused, hungry, uneducated and destined to be unsuccessful.” 

Now, as a teacher, she creates an engaging environment for her 9th-grade biology students, instilling them with wisdom from Dr. Seuss’ "The Lorax," which has become her life motto.

When she’s not teaching science or wrangling her two boys, Rachael likes to be outdoors, camping, hiking, swimming, or just enjoying nature around her. 

About the WGU Alumni Podcast and Your Hosts

WGU’s alumni network now has more than 175,000 graduates living in all 50 states. In 2020, the alumni team launched the WGU Alumni Podcast as a new way to engage with its growing alumni base. Each episode highlights the incredible work that our alumni are doing in their local communities and the impact it is having. We also share benefits, perks, resources and partner information to help you stay engaged and get the most out of the alumni community. 

Sara VanWinkle serves as Director of Alumni Relations and joined the university in that role in 2019. Sara comes from Northwest Arkansas, where she served as senior producer and content editor for the Event Solutions (shows and events) team for the world’s largest retailer.

Sara received her B.A. in Journalism from Harding University and has a diverse background in hospital marketing, newspapers, corporate communications, and event production. Starting this podcast has been something she’s wanted to do for more than a year. 

In her free time, Sara enjoys anything with music (concerts and making killer playlists, especially), traveling, baseball (Go Braves!), and reading. She loves animals, recently adding black cat Blaze to the household. Her niece and nephew are her life. 

Jeff Burton is the Senior Manager of Alumni Engagement at WGU. He is a proud graduate of WGU, earning his MBA in 2016.

Jeff’s background is in public relations—prior to joining the Alumni team, he spent the past five years managing public relations efforts at WGU.

He’s passionate about traveling, American history, ’90s country music, and fantasy football. A bit of a sports nut (understatement), Jeff created and hosts the tongue-in-cheek sports podcast Guys on the Sideline. He’s most happy when he’s at Disneyland with his beautiful wife and three kids. 

Sara VanWinkle
Jeff Burton