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Connect with Other WGU Alumni

2022 Distinguished Graduate Award Winners

These 25 WGU alumni are examples of inspiration and dedication. Their work and volunteer efforts go above and beyond, making a significant impact in their communities and career fields.

Congratulations, graduates. We are proud of you.

Looking to Connect with Other Alumni? Join the Owl's Nest!

Introducing the Owl's Nest, an exclusive professional community of WGU Night Owls from around the world! 

  • Connect with other Night Owls near and far with a variety of industry backgrounds.
  • Give Back by sharing industry insights, starting a mentorship, or giving career advice.
  • Discover and join professional interest groups, make life-long connections, and find resources to help keep your career goals on target. 

Follow WGU on Social Media

Once a Night Owl, always a Night Owl. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with fellow alumni through social media. Whether you are a Facebook junkie, Instagram addict, avid tweeter, or LinkedIn networker, we have a platform for you. Don’t forget to add a new app to the list and join the Night Owl Network: home of WGU graduates ready to connect!

Apply to be an Alumni Ambassador

Do you consider yourself WGU’s biggest fan? Are you always telling someone about your experience as a Night Owl? If so, you might have what it takes to join the ranks of fellow grads as an Alumni Ambassador. 

Nominate Night Owls Making a Difference

Many WGU alumni are using their education to help improve the lives of others in their communities. We want to honor these outstanding achievers by recognizing them with the prestigious Distinguished Graduate Award

This award is given to select Night Owls whose work or volunteer efforts go above and beyond what is required by their employment, and who have made a significant positive difference in their community or career field.  

To nominate yourself or another WGU alum, please complete the form below.

Listen, Learn, and Stay Engaged

WGU’s alumni network has grown significantly and we have graduates living in all 50 states. In 2020, the alumni team launched the WGU Alumni Podcast as a new way to engage with its growing alumni base. Each episode highlights the incredible work that our alumni are doing in their local communities and the impact it is having. We also share benefits, perks, resources and partner information to help you stay engaged and get the most out of the alumni community.

Share Your Story

WGU Alumni go on to do big things. Stories are how we share your success with the alumni community. The platform is big, and our audience grows everyday! Share with alumni and harness the power of the alumni network.

Refer a Friend to WGU

The best journeys are those we take together. You already know what WGU can do for you, so help change the life of someone you know by sharing WGU with them today!

When they accept your invitation to learn more about WGU, you'll earn a $30 credit to the WGU Online Store. Your friend will be invited to apply to WGU!

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Join an Honor Society

Become more involved in your industry by joining honor societies, associations, and boards. 

Earn Another WGU Degree

You already know how WGU works. You know the difference a degree makes. And most importantly, you know you can do it! Keep your momentum and earn another degree at WGU!

Plus, as a graduate you will receive elite applicant status. Enjoy a shorter than standard application for admission process, and automatically be moved to the front of the line for consideration.

Whooo's in the News

Every day fellow Night Owls find themselves in the spotlight! Check out this ever-growing list to see what other grads are up to. 

Give Back to WGU

You know first-hand what earning a degree from WGU can do for you. Take the opportunity to give back and help fellow Night Owls as they make their way to the finish line.


WGU Advancement is here to help even more students get access to a revolutionary education.

Night Owl Scholarship

100% of donations to the Fellow Night Owl Scholarship will directly support current students.

Philanthropy Cords

Learn how you can donate to the Fellow Night Owl Scholarship and receive a philanthropy cord to wear with your cap and gown at commencement.