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Career Milestones

Roadmap to Career Success


At WGU, we understand that everyone's path to success is unique. That's why we've created a career roadmap to guide you through steps that will help you reach your short-term and long-term career goals. Explore the milestones and discover how our activities can support your journey to a successful and fulfilling career.

#1 Career Goal Identified 


Your path to success starts with a clear, achievable goal. Create a well-informed career goal that matches your interests, values, and lifestyle needs, using insights from self-assessments and career pathway research.

Activities and Resources: 

#2 Career Plan Developed


Your journey to success gains momentum when you create a strategy. Develop an action plan outlining the necessary steps to reach your goal, using information from job research, academic planning, and analysis of your skill gaps.

Activities and Resources: 

#3 Experiential Learning Completed


Hands-on experience enables you to put your skills into action, making you more appealing to employers. Gain real-world experience to achieve your career goal through applied learning opportunities, like internships, micro-internships, case studies, projects, field experience, and online simulations.

Activities and Resources: 

#4 Learning & Professional Connections Expanded


Networking expands career opportunities for a lifetime. Build a strong network of connections to access across your career by developing and nurturing academic and professional relationships.

Activities and Resources: 

#5 Personal Brand Assets/Portfolio Created


Your personal brand shapes your professional identity. Cultivate a brand that highlights your unique skillsets and value, including career and academic assets such as a resume, LinkedIn profile, and portfolio artifacts.

Activities and Resources: 

#6 Career Goal Achieved


Success happens when you keep working steadily toward your goal. Accomplish your career goal by completing the steps in your action plan, leading to a new job, promotion, increase in salary, or another career achievement.

Activities and Resources: 

#7 Career Wellness Assessed


Career planning is ongoing. Perform a career wellness check to assess whether your career meets your current needs and desires, and decide if you should set a new goal that better matches your present self.

Activities and Resources: 


Congratulations on completing your journey through WGU's Career Milestones!  Whether starting a new career, advancing in your current one, or continuing education, WGU is here to support you. Contact us at or read our FAQ.