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Introducing Grammarly for Education at WGU: Empowering Student Success Through Enhanced Writing Support

We are excited to announce a new offering for our students at Western Governors University (WGU): Grammarly for Education. This powerful tool is designed to support learners in producing their most correct, clear, and engaging writing. All WGU students and staff can now access free Grammarly for Education licenses. 

“Available at no cost, this new tool will provide students with continuous feedback that will help them advance their professional communication skills throughout their educational journey,” said Kirk Welter, vice president of evaluation at WGU. 

Key Features and Integrations

Real-Time Writing Support

Grammarly for Education provides real-time quality checks on any document, helping students submit polished and error-free writing. The tool offers suggestions to improve spelling, grammar and syntax, ensuring that every piece of writing meets high standards of clarity and correctness.

Grammarly allows users to set goals for their content, like domain, intent, audience and tone.

Writing Score API Integration

Grammarly’s new Writing Score API is integrated with WGU’s learning management system, allowing students to upload any written assignment and receive immediate feedback on whether revisions are recommended before submitting. The student will be given specific professional communication suggestions and valuable insights into their writing quality. WGU is the first to leverage this innovative technology.

Benefits for Students

WGU endeavors to be the most student-centric university, and this focus is reflected in the new Grammarly integration. This addition to our assessment tool will give students more immediate feedback. “Prior to submitting a performance assessment for evaluation, students will receive immediate feedback on their professional communication skills rather than waiting for the evaluator. Students should have more confidence that they are putting forward a submission ready for evaluation,” said Allison Blackwell, senior product manager at WGU.

Here is what Grammarly for Education brings to our students.

Improved Focus on Subject Matter

By removing barriers to effective writing, we enable WGU students to focus on the subject matter while building critical communication skills essential for the modern workforce.

Enhanced Communication Skills

The integration of this Grammarly tool reinforces the importance of effective communication in both academic and professional settings, equipping students to deliver clear and polished work.

Benefits for Faculty

Grammarly for Education will help our students improve their writing and communication skills while also empowering our faculty to better focus their efforts.

Focused Engagement

Grammarly’s Writing Score API provides a writing score for each assignment submitted, allowing WGU evaluators to spend more time engaging with students' ideas rather than correcting basic writing errors. This will allow students to receive more meaningful feedback and instruction from faculty, enabling them to gain a richer understanding of the subject matter from experts.

Grammarly provides immediate feedback on whether revisions are recommended.

Common Questions about Grammarly for Education at WGU 

Will WGU employ a generative AI feature through this new Grammarly offering?

We are not leveraging Grammarly’s generative AI functionality for our students. Our ongoing research will continue to explore the impact of Generative AI in higher education, but it will not be part of our current offering.

Does WGU have any concerns around academic authenticity and integrity as this new tool is deployed?

WGU maintains a strict policy requiring students to submit their own unique work. Although Grammarly for Education includes a plagiarism-checking feature, we will continue to use a different tool specifically for plagiarism detection to uphold our standards of academic integrity. 

Will this tool be available to WGU staff?

Yes, staff members at WGU will also receive access to these Grammarly tools to improve their professional communication and enhance productivity.

A Continued Commitment to Student Empowerment

By introducing Grammarly for Education, WGU is enhancing the resources available to our students, empowering them to excel in their academic and professional endeavors. This new offering underscores our dedication to fostering critical communication skills and supporting student success. 

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