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You chose WGU for your degree, and now you can take advantage of our continuing education opportunities. We're committed to on-board a permanent CE resource for each industry - it's what you've asked for! In the meantime, stay inspired with quick reads and new master's programs. Embedded within each industry block, you'll also find current & timely quarterly news.  All sourced to keep you on the leading edge of your profession.


WGU offers students access to FranklinCovey InSights & Excelerators courses. Insights start with an engaging video, followed by powerful reflective questions for learners. These influential courses teach individuals the basics of great leadership, effectiveness, and productivity. Excelerators are high-quality, self-paced courses for individuals looking to increase business and leadership skills.

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LinkedIn Learning

Learn a new skill online, on your time. Courses in business, technology, and creative skills taught by industry experts.

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WGU has partnered with Pluralsight to offer WGU alumni free access to the most-relevant learning content. Pluralsight is designed to help keep you up to date with technology and increase productivity — you will find expert-authored online courses on software development, IT ops, data science, and much more!

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WGU Library

Even after you graduate, WGU offers alumni select access to various articles, magazines, and books on a variety of professional development and career topics.

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Nurses on Boards Coalition

The Nurses on Boards Coalition (NOBC) represents national nursing and other organizations working to build healthier communities in America by increasing nurses’ presence on corporate, health-related, and other boards, panels, and commissions.

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Hey Teach!

Don't miss this great resource brought to you by WGU. Hey Teach! is a digital publication for educators that offers printable materials, advice from veteran teachers, infographics, cartoons, and other cool content and resources.

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