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You chose WGU for your education degree, and now you can take advantage of our continuing education opportunities for educators. 

WGU Alumni Library

WGU Alumni Library

Enjoy complimentary access to classroom management, engagement, and motivation research guides. That’s not all! Browse literature reviews, social and emotional learning resources, and the latest findings on student engagement.


Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel

An online environment where teachers can watch, share, and learn new techniques to help every student grow. With over 1,400 videos, the library has been carefully vetted by education professionals to ensure they'll help you understand current trends and follow best teaching practices.


A web-based training portal that gives teachers a collaborative learning environment and self-paced, needs-based resources. Find several hundred hours of interactive training and testing and informative webinars by subject matter experts from around the globe. 


Hey Teach!

Hey Teach aims to provide resources, stories, inspiration, and laughs to everyone who has taken on—or is thinking about taking on—the challenging, rewarding, and vital work of educating America's kids.