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Add an RN-to-BSN Degree to Boost Your Résumé

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Get the Nursing Credentials You Need to Advance Your Career—With Our Redeveloped Nursing Degree

Healthcare is changing. Your nursing education should change with it. Introducing WGU’s newly redeveloped RN-to-BSN program—built for the next generation of nurses who need the latest, most relevant nursing skills and knowledge.


WGU's RN-to-BSN offers:

  • Online competency-based education with flexible schedules, designed for working RNs who want a BSN.

  • Content that aligns to the 2021 AACN Essentials, ensuring graduates have the latest skills and knowledge needed to be relevant and successful. 

  • Personalized learning experiences with six specialized certificates and support from dedicated one-on-one program mentors.  
  • Allows students to help their hospital achieve Magnet status with an accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) program.

  • Lets current RNs use their experience to move faster through coursework, allowing them to graduate as quickly as they are able.

Nursing (RN-to-BSN Online) – B.S.

An online BSN degree program for registered nurses (RNs) seeking the added...

An online BSN degree program for registered nurses (RNs) seeking the added theoretical depth, employability, and respect that a bachelor's degree brings:

  • Time: 77% of graduates finish within 24 months.
  • Tuition: $3,998 per 6-month term, plus a Health Professions Student Fee of $350.
  • Courses: 23 total courses in this program.
  • Transfers: Students can transfer up to 90 credits.

With over 35,000 BSN alumni, this is one of WGU's most popular online degree programs. View our RN to BSN degree guide. If you are an RN ready to earn your BSN, this program will help you accelerate to earn your degree.

If you don't currently have an RN and don't qualify for your nursing prelicensure program, consider getting our Bachelor's in Health and Human Services instead. This degree allows you to work inside the healthcare industry in a unique way.

Earn a Health Degree That Advances Your Career

Gain the comprehensive knowledge you need to become an expert in the nursing and healthcare field. A WGU healthcare degree can help you achieve the recognition and career progression you deserve. Employers are satisfied and they recognize our grads' performance. In fact, in 2021, a survey found that 98% of employers said WGU graduates met or exceeded their expectations. Over the last 25 years, WGU has been a pioneer in reinventing higher education. Our students and their employers continue to reap the rewards of this dedicated commitment.  

A WGU Degree Pays for Itself Faster and Adds Little to No New Debt

By providing useful information and advice on responsible borrowing before enrollment, keeping tuition low while you’re enrolled, and providing programs that lead to better jobs after graduation, WGU packs a one-two-three punch designed to keep your debt low and your return on investment quick.

Your Degree Is Closer Than You Think

New students can begin their first term at the beginning of any month. So you can start when you’re ready, rather than rushing (or waiting) for fall or spring enrollment.


Get an RN-to-BSN Program Guide, personalized admissions help, and priority applicant status.

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