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Front End Web Development Certificate

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Enhance Your Résumé With a Front End Web Development Certificate


Discover how you can boost your career with the Front End Web Development Certificate from the College of IT. This certificate is geared to help you learn many skills including:

  • Web development
  • Version control
  • Scripting and programming
  • Javascript programming
  • User interface (UI) design

With this certificate you are guaranteed admission into a WGU College of IT degree program. This certificate will prepare you for the next step in your career, give you skills and experience in web development, and add critical credentials to your résumé.

This program is a good fit for anyone interested in getting started in web development. Some basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is recommended, but not required.

Not sure if this program is a good fit for you? Consider our Web Application Deployment and Support certificate or our Back End Web Development certificate for a different focus. You can now bundle all three of these certificates for a Full Stack Engineering certificate for an additional discount.

Time to complete certificate

6 months

Learners should plan to dedicate 15–20 hours a week to the program. 

Certificate cost


Tuition covers all certificate costs including vouchers for additional 3rd-party certifications.

Certificate consists of

6 courses

This certificate has 6 courses, with 16 total credits.


Front End Web Development Courses

WGU is known for the high return on investment of its degree programs. This certificate is no exception. Industry data, employers, and student feedback are used to ensure that all courses remain relevant and effective. WGU Certificates are designed with your future in mind. Front end web development courses are fully stackable and transferrable to a WGU College of IT degree program.

The certificate is a self-directed, competency-based program you can complete on your own schedule. We recommend dedicating 15–20 hours per week for six months to complete the program successfully. 

Please note there are no specific hard skills or prerequisite knowledge required for starting this credential. It is recommended, but not required, for learners to have a basic understanding of foundational web design, programming, and scripting. This includes familiarity with HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. Learners also do not require any high-level mathematical backgrounds.

The 6 courses in this program are:

When you explore a website, do you think about how the pages were created? Web developers put a great deal of thought and effort into your digital experience. They want to ensure it is inviting, informative, and seamless. Throughout this course, you will discover how those developers work. As you learn about web development foundations, you will study the basics of hypertext markup language (HTML), extensible markup language (XML), and cascading style sheets (CSS). These are the foundational languages of the web. You will use developer tools to troubleshoot problems. And you will explore integrated development environments. With these skills, you will be prepared to pursue a career in web development.

Start Your Degree Program
This course counts toward the following degree programs

  • B.S. Cloud Computing
  • B.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
  • B.S. Data Analytics
  • B.S. Information Technology
  • B.S. Network Engineering and Security

Computers play a major role in our world and daily lives—from smartphones to laptops to gaming systems and more. And they range from simple to complex in their operations and abilities. But there is a common connection among them all: scripting and programming. This course will equip you with the necessary skills to establish a solid base in scripting and programming. You will survey various languages used in scripting. In addition, you will gain an understanding of the logic and outcome of simple algorithms. With those skills, you will be able to advance your career.

Start Your Degree Program
This course counts toward the following degree programs

  • B.S. Cloud Computing
  • B.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
  • B.S. Data Analytics
  • B.S Information Technology
  • B.S. Network Engineering and Security

Have you ever worked on a project that required multiple revisions? You might have made changes after changes, but then you lost track. Then others on your team made changes, too. You wanted to save some of those modifications. But you wanted to revert to the original for others. Did you have all those details? If not, you would have benefited from version control. Version control is essential for maintaining software and enabling scalability solutions. Any programming project that requires multiple files can take advantage of this best practice. Version control empowers teams to have collaborative workflows while also enhancing the software development life cycle. This course will help you learn about version control. It introduces the basics of publishing, retrieving, branching, and cloning.

Start Your Degree Program
This course counts toward the following degree programs

  • B.S. Data Analytics
  • B.S. Information Technology
  • B.S. Network Engineering and Security
  • B.S. Software Engineering

Think about a positive web experience you have had. All the functions were easy to navigate. The structure was inviting and appealing. You knew exactly how to use the application and you enjoyed doing so. An experience like that relies on effective user interface design! In this course, you will discover the tools and techniques to produce designs that users can benefit from. You will study the concepts of clarity, usability, and detectability. You will explore color schemes, typography, and layout. And you will learn about SEO optimization, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing. These skills will enable you to excel in web design creation.

Have you ever used mobile driving directions or shopped online? If so, the app you used probably relied on JavaScript. It is a scripting language that was created to enhance web pages. Many years ago, websites were static. With the use of JavaScript, however, they are now more dynamic and interactive. In this course, you will explore how to use JavaScript to make websites come alive. To accomplish this, you will learn to work with existing frameworks, content, and assets. In addition, you will discover how to add data capabilities and improve website functionality. Some parts of this scripting language may seem complicated or confusing. But you will learn step by step. And by gaining JavaScript skills, you can further your career in web development.

Think of a time when you struggled to navigate a website with a confusing interface design. You might have abandoned it and sought out other websites that were easier to use. In contrast, you have probably visited a website with such a seamless interface that you didn't even notice it. This difference between positive and negative digital experiences is front-end web development. An experienced front-end web developer aims to create an effortless and clear user interface. The goal is simple: keep the user happy and engaged on your website. This way, they won't look for an alternative. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of front-end web development and its concepts. Having a user-friendly interface is crucial in today's online-driven world. With the skills gained from this course, you can take your career to the next level!


Why Choose a Certificate?

If you're not quite ready to commit to a full degree program, want to try out online learning, or need a faster way to boost your résumé, a WGU certificate could be the right fit for you. With a certificate program, you can begin any time you want—no need to wait for the first of the month. WGU Certificates are also self-paced, so you can move as quickly as you are able to master the material. Plus, the certificate courses are transferrable to WGU degree programs, so you can continue your education whenever you're ready.

100% Online Courses that Work with Your Schedule

Our certificates are 100% online, and there are no set class times. This means you can work on your certificate whenever it makes sense for you and your busy schedule. You're in the driver's seat of your education.

Full Suite of Support Services

WGU has deep experience serving learners from a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds. Our instruction, coaching, and career resources will help you complete your certificate and reach your goals.

Competitive Pricing

Our certificate is $3,950 for a 6-month total program. With a cost that is extremely competitive for similar programs, you'll find that WGU certificates are an excellent match for your needs.


An Affordable  Certificate

The purchase price enrolls you in the program for the term length shown, which is the average time it takes most learners to complete all courses in the program. If you do not complete your program by the last day of the term, your enrollment will automatically change to a $499 monthly subscription. The credit card you provide will be charged at that time, allowing you additional time to complete your program. You may cancel at any time.


Total cost

For this certificate, there are no additional fees.


Here's What You Can Expect from This Certificate

  • Some basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is recommended, but not required.
  • You must have internet access, a computer, and an external webcam.
  • For some courses, you will submit performance assessments for evaluation by our WGU Evaluation team. You must achieve a ranking of Competent on these assessments to pass. Other courses require proctored objective assessments. You will have two attempts to pass each of these exams.
  • The program’s orientation course will introduce you to the full program experience and prepare you for success.
  • This certificate will be self-directed, similar to other WGU competency-based courses, allowing you to complete modules as quickly as you master the material.
  • You are responsible for maintaining your pace toward completion and being self-directed in your coursework.
  • You should plan to dedicate 15–20 hours a week to the program.


Real Results for Your Career in IT

Earning this valuable certificate can open the door for an exciting career in virtually any industry or organization that leverages technology. Here are a few roles that can you can be qualified for after earning your Front End Web Development Certificate. Our Enrollment Counselors can help assess your career aspirations and help you understand how this certificate can support your journey.

  • Front end developer
  • Web developer
  • Web designer
  • UA tester
  • UX designer
  • UI developer

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