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January 29, 2022 2022 Winter Virtual Commencement

2022 Winter Virtual Commencement Ceremony Videos

Darius Bradley

Commencement Keynote Speaker

Darius Bradley
Houston, TX

Darius Bradley, Sr. is a passionate speaker and best-selling author. Known as “Divine Encourager”, Darius is a passionate speaker and creator. He is the CEO and co-owner of Full Ability Clothing, an organization advocating for the differently abled community. 

Darius is an aspiring actor and has been featured in music videos and independent film projects. He has also served his gift of “Go Get !t” encouragement within the public schools in the Houston metropolitan area and prides himself on empowering at-risk youth. 

With his space, Darius has worked with national corporations such as Costco, Walmart, Panda Express and others. He has delivered motivational coaching programs for semi-pro football leagues, local organizations, hospitals and other institutions.

Darius also creates daily motivational videos on his social media platforms in addition to composing, editing and performing voiceovers. He provides daily life coaching support for many community members, family and friends. 

Born and raised in New Orleans, he now resides in the Houston metropolitan area with his wife and three children.

Graduate Speaker

Damien Mills
B.A. Special Education
Tacoma, WA

Damien Mills took the untraditional route. His original career path took him to an associate’s degree in video production, with dreams of creating magic behind the camera and producing inspirational videos. An oversaturated market and the 2008 recession led him to begin a para-educator job at a local middle school.

Working one-on-one with students, Damien found his true gift. His ability to relate to and shape the lives of this generation one smile at a time. From here, he began coaching football, basketball, and track. He strengthened his drive to help as many young people as possible.

Through what seemed like an act of God, Damien secured a position at ReLife, a program school for behavioral and emotionally challenged students. At this point, Damien leapt to become an officially licensed teacher. One of the things that makes it so easy for Damien to relate to his students is his learning disabilities. His perseverance paid off, and is now a fully certified special education teacher.

Damien continues to grow and learn, pursuing higher educational opportunities in the future and strives to find new strategies to provide equity to all classrooms. 

Damien Mills

Gail Elbourne

Anthem Singer

Gail Elbourne
B.S. Business Administration - HR Management
Glendale, AZ

Gail Elbourne is a seasoned talent acquisition professional and has been recruiting top talent for more than 10 years. Gail has always wanted to explore the world of Human Resources but could never find the time between working full-time and raising her two kids.

In 2020 that changed as the pandemic forced many businesses to slow down. As a result, Gail took the opportunity to pursue her studies and earned a bachelor’s degree from WGU in Business Administration-Human Resource Management in November 2021.

Gail currently resides in Glendale, Arizona, and enjoys spending time with her two children and granddaughter. When she is not spending time with her family, you can find Gail performing in her community as she shares her passion for singing.

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