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WGU has partnered with edX®, an open online course provider, to develop a MicroBachelors™ in Information Technology programs. MicroBachelors consist of a series of affordable certificate-granting university courses that focus on development of immediately transferable skills to meet the real-world needs of employers. This certificate-first pathway is a low-cost, low-risk way for learners to earn industry-recognized certificates. Credit-backed and stackable, the WGUx MicroBachelors provides value as a standalone credential while allowing busy working learners to apply credit toward a bachelor’s degree program at WGU.

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About the WGUx IT Career Framework MicroBachelors.

WGUx IT Career Framework MicroBachelors is the first available certificate program from WGUx. It is designed for individuals interested in a career in information technology without prior knowledge or education, or for workers who would like to receive a foundational knowledge in IT to complement their careers. The IT Career Framework MicroBachelors provides learners with the in-demand competencies they need to compete in a dynamic, tech-driven economy, and in advancing their IT education.

A program of three courses, the IT Career Framework MicroBachelors examines IT as a discipline, with a specific focus on IT foundations, computer networking, security, scripting, and programming.

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WGUx Scripting Programming Foundations

MicroBachelors credentialing.

Learners completing the IT Career Framework MicroBachelors earn:

A verified certificate that demonstrates to employers that they completed a rigorous university program in IT fundamentals.

Transferable college credit they can apply to future academic endeavors. If they choose to enroll in a WGU bachelor’s degree program, learners will have satisfied the majority of WGU general admissions requirements and will have 10 competency units to transfer into one of the following degree programs: 

What’s next: Transferring into a bachelor’s program.

After completion of the IT Career Framework MicroBachelors, learners who wish to transfer into a WGU IT bachelor’s degree program will need to send a link verifying the certificate to The courses listed below, which make up the MicroBachelors program, are transferable. They must be transferred collectively; courses will not be accepted for individual transfer.


While the MicroBachelors does fulfill many of the requirements for bachelor’s programs in IT at WGU, students will still need to apply to WGU and be accepted; admission is not automatic. 

The IT Career Framework MicroBachelors consists of three courses, totaling 10 competency units (CUs). The courses are Introduction to IT (4 CUs), Network and Security Foundations (3 CUs), and Scripting and Programming Foundations (3 CUs). Credit is recognized for the full program at the time a learner is admitted to WGU. Credit for individual courses is not provided.    

At a typical pace, the MicroBachelors would take roughly six months to complete. However, because it is competency-based, learners may be able to complete the course more quickly.    

Yes, the run cycle for each course is three months. Learners will receive an email two weeks before the scheduled end date to remind them to complete existing coursework before closure. If the coursework is completed within the quarter, the learner will receive credit for the course and passing of the assessment. If the work is completed outside of the quarter, the learner will not receive any credit for the task or assessment completed toward a certification.

For learners who wish to earn credit toward a bachelor’s degree program, the IT Career Framework MicroBachelors program is priced at $1,499. Learners can pay the $1,499 up front, or they can purchase each course separately for between $399 and $549 per course. Should learners decide they want to upgrade to the verified track, they must do so by the upgrade deadline and take the graded assignments required to earn the certificate.

Learners may also access limited course materials through the Audit track, then upgrade before the courses’ payment deadline to pursue the verified certificate and be eligible for course transfer credit.  

WGUx certificates provide value as standalone credentials and are eligible for transfer to WGU.

For learners who are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the new certificate stacks into seven different IT bachelor’s degree programs at WGU: B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Software Development, B.S. Cloud and Systems Administration, B.S. Data Management/Data Analytics, B.S. Information Technology, B.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, and B.S. Network Operations and Security.

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This MicroBachelors provides a foundation to those interested in beginning a career in IT who lack the formal education or training. After completing the program and earning a verified certificate, learners may apply for enrollment to WGU and receive credit for the work already completed. Learners who choose to not pursue a bachelor’s degree after completion will have an employer-recognized credential that will enhance their marketability in the workforce.      

The WGUx IT Career Framework MicroBachelors provides learners with the in-demand computer networking, security, scripting, and programming skills they need to compete in a dynamic, tech-driven economy.    

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