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News Release: WGU Awards Over Over $565,000 to Displaced Workers

News Brief - 6/1/10

Program Begins Its Second Year at Online University

Salt Lake City — Last May, Western Governors University ( launched its Economic Turnaround Program, a scholarship program designed to help recently laid-off workers go back to school to complete a bachelor’s or post-baccalaureate degree. In the year since the program’s initiation, the non-profit university has awarded more than $565,000 in scholarships to more than 100 new WGU students, and the program is still going strong, with nearly $200,000 still available.

For many, this scholarship means more than increasing opportunities for future career growth. Lise Carney, a single mother from Colorado is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. “Being recently unemployed, there would be no way for me to continue my education without this scholarship. By finishing my degree, I’ll be able to provide a better life for my daughter,” said Lise.

The need-based scholarships, which are valued at up to $1,250 per six-month term for up to four terms, are open to new WGU students who have become unemployed in the past 12 months. To be eligible, students must be able to complete a bachelor’s or post-baccalaureate degree in less than two years and be admitted to WGU. All bachelor’s degree programs in the College of Business, College of Information Technology, and College of Health Professions are eligible. In addition, bachelor’s degree programs in the Teacher College, as well as post-baccalaureate and master’s in teaching programs (leading to initial teacher licensure), are eligible.

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