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Using Your Employer's Tuition Benefit at WGU

Utilize Your Employer's Tuition Reimbursement Program at WGU

WGU's highly respected, career-relevant, surprisingly affordable degree programs are popular among students using an employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement program—and they're a favorite among employers, too.

Tuition assistance or reimbursement may be used toward any WGU degree program (or a Teachers College post-baccalaureate or endorsement-preparation program). WGU is not the right school for students looking to take individual courses only.

Put your benefits to use.

Ready to learn more about using your tuition reimbursement at WGU?

The choice of working students and their employers.

As a nonprofit, accredited university with affordable tuition, WGU gives students—and employers—a greater return on their education investment. First, it's a remarkably small investment to begin with; in fact, with WGU's undergraduate tuition costing less than $7,454 per year for most programs, many companies' tuition reimbursement benefits cover most or all the costs. And the return is quite nice: WGU grads, on average, report making $25,900 more per year four years after graduation than they made when they enrolled.

Another major benefit to both students and their employers: We're competency-based, which means every course is organized around a set of skills and knowledge that employers are looking for in their workforce. In fact, we develop our competencies with employer input, so our students can be sure they are learning exactly what the industry demands.

Competency-based education also means that you complete courses and earn your degree by proving what you know, not by logging time in class or waiting for the semester to end. If you know a subject well because of work experience, or if you are a fast learner and a hard worker, you can finish courses—and graduate—well ahead of schedule.

In other words, WGU's competency-based approach to learning means that the skills you're learning at WGU can be applied at work the next day, and the things you're doing on the job will inform your studies. It's the perfect design for working adult students—and working adults are the perfect fit at WGU.

WGU grads add major value in the workplace—and their bosses notice.

Prepared for Success
on the Job

From a 2021 Harris Poll of 300 employers of WGU graduates

97% of employers said that WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs.

95% of employers said that they would hire another WGU grad.

98% of employers said WGU graduates met or exceeded expectations.

Common Questions About Financial Aid

It depends upon the scholarship. In general, we award scholarships based on the following factors:

  • Meeting the basic eligibility requirements
  • Answers you give on the scholarship application
  • An interview with a scholarship counselor

Some scholarships are also based upon evaluations of prior college transcripts and other tests. We encourage you to apply.

WGU evaluates scholarship applications on a continual basis because we start new students in their programs every month. Often we are able to make an award decision within two to four weeks of receiving your application. In most cases, you will also need to have applied for admission and been accepted to the university. An Enrollment Counselor can help explain the process.

No. Scholarship awards are divided into a set amount per term. This amount is credited against your tuition due for each term. The details are explained in the description for each scholarship.

Yes. You probably should apply for federal financial aid, too. Scholarship awards will only cover a portion of your school expenses, and financial aid can help pay for the rest. You can apply for financial aid while you are waiting for a decision about your scholarship application. It will not hurt your chances to win a scholarship. Click here to learn more about or apply for financial aid.

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