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Taking The Next Step in Education

Is a Degree Your Next Move?

If you're like many others, earning a degree is the crucial next step in your life's journey. Whether it's to increase your knowledge or land a better job, seeking higher education and obtaining a degree can enrich your life and open doors of opportunity. If you're jumping into college out of high school, you're in good company, as over 62% of high school graduates enroll in college as they start the next chapter in their lives.

Whether you're one of the recent high school graduates ready for the next step in education or you've spent time in the workforce and are ready to go back to school, we're here. No matter your current situation, WGU can help.

With affordable degree programs, a flexible course style, and a personal Program Mentor, a WGU education is built for everyone, including you

“My degree has allowed me to qualify for promotions and also allowed me access to opportunities that were previously out of reach.”

Kharon Williams
B.S. Business Management

Do You Need a Degree?

Before you jump into a degree program, it's best to think about why you're pursuing a degree. While earning a degree is a great move for many, it's not the path for everyone. That said, recent research suggests that more than a third of jobs will require at least a bachelor's degree. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics even says that the number of jobs requiring at least a master's degree will grow faster than the number that require lesser degrees. 

Modern workplaces are requiring more and more education. If you want to compete, a quality education is becoming increasingly essential each passing day. The good news is that getting a degree doesn't have to be daunting, especially at WGU. Our mission is centered on helping every student find pathways to opportunity through an affordable degree. We'll be here every step of the way.

Having a broad idea of the market and your motivations is key. But above all, your inner conviction or your "why" is what will help you push through to the end. Below are some reasons people feel education is the next step for them. What's your "why"? 

Career Demands

High-paying positions within most careers will require advanced education. Improve your opportunities for promotions and raises by getting the credentials and skills you need to succeed in your career.

Finish What You Started

Maybe WGU seems like the next step for you because you never finished your degree. If so, we admire your courage, and we can't wait to help you finish what you started! Once you finish your degree, you could open yourself up to so many more opportunities. Let's work together to prepare you for your next step.

Set the Example

Perhaps higher education hasn't been a priority in your family. At WGU, you can be the one to begin that legacy and set the example for generations to come. We know how to help those who are pioneers in their families when it comes to pursuing a degree. In fact, 39% of our 2020 grads were first-generation college students.

Why Should a Degree Be My Next Step?

Everyone has their own ambitions for pursing a degree, but here are some reasons it could be a great next step:

  • You've just finished high school and are ready to continue your education.
  • You've gone as far as you can in your career and need a degree for the next promotion.
  • You want to begin a legacy of learning for your family.
  • You're looking to change industries and need a degree to qualify for a new path.
  • You have a general desire to gain more knowledge and experience.

Why WGU Is Your Best Next Step

Maybe you've determined that a degree is indeed the next step for you. The next question you should ask is why should you choose WGU specifically? Learn why we could be the best partner as you take your next step in education.

  • We believe that outcomes matter. Everything we do is aimed at driving value for you as a student. 
  • Students love WGU. We have a 91% overall student satisfaction rating.
  • You're never alone. As a student, you'll have a Program Mentor who will help you stay on track and reach your goals.
  • Employers want to hire WGU grads. Of 300 surveyed employers of WGU grads employers, 95% would hire another.
  • We provide a better return on investment. The average increase in annual salary within two years of graduation is over $22,000.
  • Affordability is a priority. The average tuition and fees for one year of an undergraduate program at WGU in 2020 was roughly half the money paid at comparable institutions nationwide.
  • Flexibility is built in. Whether you want to take off on vacation or need to squeeze in courses late at night while working full-time, our course model makes it easy. 

*All stats taken from WGU's 2022 Annual Report

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