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A Quality Education You Can Afford

Tuition Done Differently—Breaking the Cost Barrier

For many people, one of the biggest barriers to education is the cost. But paying for a quality degree shouldn’t have to break the bank. At WGU, you can earn a respected degree for about half the national average for a bachelor's degree.

Fully Accredited Education, at About Half the Cost

WGU average annual bachelor’s tuition rates are 47% lower than the national average, compared to national rates reported by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. WGU average rate does not include rates for WGU Bachelor of Science, Nursing Prelicensure program.

Average Yearly Bachelor's Tuition:


Average yearly bachelor's degree tuition at WGU is $8,300, compared to the national average yearly bachelor's degree tuition price of $17,709 according to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (2023).

Average Yearly Master's Tuition:


Average yearly master's tuition at WGU is $8,856, compared to the national average for yearly master's tuition degree price of $20,513 according to data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (2023).

Tuition and Fee Details by College

The tuition rates above are based on the average tuition for WGU Master's and Bachelor's programs. Select the colleges below to see program-specific tuition rates. 

*Changes to per-term tuition and fees will go into effect for new and current students whose first or next term begins on or after September 1, 2024. For students whose terms begin on July 1 or August 1, tuition and fees will remain at the current rate, with the new rates taking effect at the start of the following term.*

Tuition for Courses and Certificates

Single courses, course bundles, and certificates at WGU do not follow our traditional model and are typically a set price for access to the certificate for 2-4 months. If you do not finish the course or certificate in that time, there is a subscription price that you pay per-month while you finish.

You Can Earn a Degree Without the Debt

In addition to keeping tuition costs low, we’ve taken key steps to help our students reduce or eliminate the need to take out a loan to pay for their WGU degree. Some of the primary ways we help are our Responsible Borrowing Initiative and financial aid opportunities like scholarships. 


of WGU undergrads completed their degrees without taking a student loan.
—College Board, Trends in College Pricing and Student Aid, 2021

Get Your Degree for Less
Get started today and earn an accredited bachelor's or master's degree for less than you'd think.

Financial Aid—Get Help Paying for Your Education


Many WGU students receive scholarships and grants that make earning their degrees even more affordable. WGU also awarded students over $28 million in 2023 alone.

Military Benefits

All WGU degree programs are approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs for education benefits under the GI Bill®. Options are available for veterans and active-duty service members, dependents, etc.

Federal Aid

WGU is approved to offer qualifying students federal financial aid in the form of Pell Grants and student loans. You can fill out your FAFSA to see if you qualify for this federal aid.

Financial Resources

Learn more about tuition, scholarships, and get other financial resources to help you on your degree path.

WGU’s Pricing Structure

Most universities charge tuition by credit hour—if you take more courses, you pay more money—but not WGU. We offer flat-rate tuition. That means that whether you complete 8 courses in a term or 20, your tuition won’t change. Our pricing structure boasts: 

  1. Flat-rate tuition. Tuition is paid by six-month term, not by credit. You pay one low price for as many courses you complete in a term toward a single degree program.
  2. Better savings. Our programs are competency-based. That means you can complete most courses as fast as you master the material. The more courses you finish in a term, the more money you can save.
  3. Low overhead. Because WGU was designed without classrooms, quads, or sports arenas, we are able to keep our operation costs low. We pass that savings directly to our students. We pay less, so you do too.

Cost of Attendance

Download the complete lists of Cost of Attendance (COA).

Common Questions about Tuition and Financial Aid

As a nonprofit university, WGU doesn’t need to benefit shareholders. Our students are our main concern. We also try to keep our operating costs low. And since we’re an exclusively online university, we don’t need to maintain expensive classroom buildings, a campus, and other non-academic programs. 

Using financial aid is a personal decision. When making this decision, you should know that a degree is a great investment in yourself that will pay for itself many times over. Individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn on average almost a million dollars more over the course of their careers compared to those without one. A master’s degree typically has a similar impact on your wallet. You should definitely consider federal financial aid if it means the difference between getting your degree or not. Speak to an Enrollment Counselor to learn more.

Tuition for the full term is due by the 1st day of each term. Financial clearance is due for new students on or before the 22nd of the month proceeding the first day of the first term. Acceptance of term registration confirms agreement to pay tuition in full.

For a small enrollment fee, WGU offers a payment plan for those who cannot pay in full by the required date. To enroll in a payment plan, select the "Make or View Payments” link in the Financial Services section on the Student Support tab in your student portal. Payment or payment plan participation is required by the first day of each new term. Students in an active bankruptcy, or who have a prior payment plan default, are not eligible for a WGU payment plan.

At WGU we offer flat-rate tuition, which means there is no cost per class! You pay the tuition amount for a six-month term—the number of classes you complete in that six-months is up to you. In most cases, you can move through courses as quickly as you master the material with no additional fees for every class. At WGU, graduating faster means you pay less.

“I really liked the idea of paying a flat fee per term and being able to take as many competency units as I could."

—Kate L.
B.S. Accounting

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College can be affordable—and it's definitely worth it.  We're here to help you make the best decisions on degree program, payment options, scholarship application, and more.

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