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About WGU Nevada

WGU Nevada was established in 2015 as a partnership between Western Governors University and the state of Nevada with a unique mission to help individuals in Nevada obtain a quality education. When WGU was established in 1997, the founding governors realized that technology, the internet, and a new model of competency-based education could transform higher education by creating new opportunities for working adults.

The mission of WGU Nevada is to expand access to affordable higher education for Nevada residents through online, competency-based programs that address key workforce needs. Western Governors University is available to learners across the country, and coursework is offered online so students do not have to go to a campus location. Students in Nevada can recieve unique scholarship, financial aid, and other opportunities at WGU as a result of the partnership between WGU and the state of Nevada.

Founding Gov. Brian Sandoval's message to Nevadans who want to advance their careers.

"Affordable access to accredited education is the key to our future and essential to bringing more jobs to Nevada. WGU Nevada will make it possible for more Nevadans to earn the degrees they need to advance their careers and provide better for their families."


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We're an online university dedicated to making higher education accessible for as many people as possible. Everything we do at Western Governors University is aimed at increasing accessibility and opportunity for each student, regardless of their background, motivations, or life situation. That focus helps produce success for our over 250,000 graduates. Our curriculum focused on today's workforce needs is why WGU grads have a 98% employer satisfaction rate, and why our students see an average salary increase of over $18,000 just two years after graduating.* 

*2021 Harris Poll

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What Our Alumni Are Saying

People love their WGU experience. See why it means so much to them and what makes us different.

"While applying for other accounting jobs, some of the feedback I got was that they only gave me an interview because I had a degree. It has opened doors for me that would not have been open without it.”

— Natasha Caldonetti
B.S. Accounting, WGU Nevada

"I worked very hard to complete my degree to become a licensed teacher. I completed 60 credits in the span of seven months. I don't know when I slept during this time, but I had my family as great supporters."

— Darrell Shakespear
B.A. Elementary Education, WGU Nevada

"All of my instructors took the time to answer my questions, reach out to see how I was doing and explain things in greater detail as some of the wording in the assignments seemed a bit vague. I don't think that I could have done this program on my own. The school, my family and my co-workers all played a role in helping me to succeed and get through all of the obstacles in my life as I was working through my program."

—Guadalupe Payne
B.A. English Language Learning, WGU Nevada

"Although I have 15 years of experience in healthcare, I still had lots to learn. Thanks to my degree, and the experience gained, I am now considered an expert in my field, and have been invited to be a speaker on Patient Experience Conferences and panels."

— Katherine Salkanovic
MBA Healthcare Management, WGU Nevada

"I quickly realized that completing my degree was the right choice because it was going to be the credential I needed if I wanted to get into HR without prior experience. I graduated in April 2020 and had my first entry-level HR job by August. Not only is this job perfect for me, the company is spectacular."

— Jenna Baker
B.S. HR Management, WGU Nevada

Richard Benbow, Regional Vice President, West Region

Richard Benbow is the Regional Vice President (West) of Western Governors University, America’s first and largest competency-based university. In this role, Mr. Benbow combines his passion for innovation and information technology with his desire to serve others to provide access to affordable, high-quality education for underserved adult learners throughout the region. He leads a team that executes strategy and operations to optimize student success utilizing the WGU platform and developing partnerships and relationships which drive value for employers and students.

Mr. Benbow earned his MBA degree at the University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business and an MA in Emerging Communication Technology Policy; Strategy from the University of Southern California. He completed a BS in Business Management and International Business from Howard University in Washington D.C.

His previous executive positions include Chief Officer, Government and Community Relations - UCLA; Senior Director, External and Government Affairs, West Region – Time Warner Cable; and SeniorManager, Los Angeles Franchise Administration, and Constituent Affairs department.

Bob Benson, Regional Director, West Region

Bob Benson joined Western Governors University (WGU) in 2020 where he has served as the Regional Director supporting overall operational strategy and oversight for the West Region.  Prior to joining WGU, Bob held various positions within the National University System including Vice President of International Affairs and Vice President of Extended Learning at National University as well as President of Spectrum Pacific Learning.  He currently serves on the Urban Corps of San Diego Board of Directors and the LEAD San Diego Alumni Council.  Mr. Benson was appointed by the City of Carlsbad mayor and city council to the Carlsbad Library Board of Trustees where he served for nine years. He is a graduate of the City of Carlsbad Citizens’ Academy and the LEAD San Diego Program where he was awarded the LEAD San Diego Herbert G. Klein Visionary Award for making significant leadership contributions to the San Diego community. He served in Bolivia as a Peace Corps Volunteer and as a member of the Butler University Board of Directors. Mr. Benson was also selected as a “Power to Be” in the December 2008 issue of San Diego Magazine.

Mr. Benson earned Bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and Political Science from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. He also holds a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies from the University of California, San Diego and a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University. Bob and his wife, Sarah, have two sons, Palmer and Reece.

Partner With WGU

If you are a company or community college that is looking to do something more for your employees or students, a partnership with WGU could be the perfect fit. Learn more about creating a partnership with WGU for tuition reimbursement, a scholarship, or other opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions at WGU

The $65 application fee is waived for Per Scholas alumni and employees. Use the waiver code "PERSCHOLAS".

 All Per Scholas alumni and employees will receive a 5% discount on tuition by communicating with your Enrollment Counselor that you are a Per Scholas alumni.

Per Scholas and WGU are actively working to secure scholarships for Per Scholas alumni. See general WGU scholarships here. Per Scholas employees should inquire about tuition benefits packages within their company’s Human Resources department.

If you carry debt from any previous college or defaulted student loans, this does not necessarily preclude you from enrolling at WGU. Speak to an Enrollment Counselor at WGU about financial considerations as you move forward with your application.

There is a one-time program fee and resource fee that students pay upon enrollment at WGU. There are no additional book or lab fees associated with the courses. Students will need to have stable internet access in order to do the coursework. Please refer to the applicable WGU program page for more information.

Per Scholas has partnered with Western Governors University (WGU) to offer graduates an opportunity to continue their education and apply Per Scholas coursework and certifications to one of seven bachelor of science degree programs in WGU's College of Information Technology. WGU is committed to helping Per Scholas alumni reach their goals with this partnership, providing a pathway for those that want to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

  • To support graduates as they navigate their careers. Their goals may involve degree completion or degree attainment and this aligns to our mission to ensure equity of advancement along an IT career pathway.
  • To deepen engagement with employers who are looking to upskill talent and support their employees’ advancement in their careers.
  • To provide opportunities for Per Scholas’ employee advancement—Per Scholas staff are also eligible for the program benefits.

  • WGU is the nation's leading competency-based nonprofit online university. It is fully accredited and reputable as an online university. Its programs are designed to maximize flexibility and accommodate student needs. Being nongeographic affords all Per Scholas alumni an opportunity to enroll.
  • Like Per Scholas, WGU is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion as part of its mission.
  • WGU follows a competency-based model in which students progress by demonstrating mastery rather than seat time, a further benefit for working professionals.
  • Tuition is comparatively less than similar universities. WGU charges tuition at a flat rate per six-month term rather than per course or per credit, allowing students to complete as much learning as possible during any term.

Per Scholas alumni are able to transfer up to 54 credits towards their degree. Updated information on transferable course credits is available on the WGU's partner website, linked below. At a high level:

  • Network Support transfers 15 credits
  • CompTIA A+ 8 credits

Per Scholas alumni will have their application fee waived and receive a 5% discount on tuition.

For the most up-to-date transfer information, please visit Partners.

The partnership began in September 2020, with the first alumni enrolling shortly thereafter. WGU has rolling admissions at the start of every month.

All Per Scholas alumni and interested staff are eligible for admission. Per Scholas courses and/or certifications will transfer as credits to WGU. There is no additional documentation required for admission. There is no need to produce a high school transcript.

Learn more about credit transfer to WGU.

Most Per Scholas alumni will be interested in earning a degree from WGU's College of IT. The program eligibility requirements have already been met by Per Scholas alumni through the industry-recognized certifications earned through Per Scholas coursework. The only exception to this is the B.S. in Computer Science. However, depending on your individual situation, you may have to meet other admission requirements applicable to your program.

There is a math eligibility requirement for admission to the B.S. in Computer Science. Students must demonstrate math readiness through successful and verifiable completion of a precalculus, calculus, or higher-than-calculus math course from an accredited post-secondary academic institution or WGU-approved third-party provider. There are several ways for Per Scholas alumni to meet this eligibility requirement:

  • Students may enroll in WGU Academy to complete precalculus and satisfy your admission requirement by offering specialized calculus tutors to give you the best chance at being successful. The WGU Academy approach also includes PACA (Program for Academic and Career Advancement). PACA will also help you build your self-confidence, increase your resiliency, and put you on track for success at WGU. Plus, you’ll gain college credit and be guaranteed admission to WGU when you successfully complete WGU Academy! 
  • Students also have the option of enrolling in StraighterLine to complete a precalculus course. This is a self-paced course that students must pay for and complete. There is no tuition discount.
  • Students may produce proof of completion of precalculus by submitting a transcript from another institution, such as a high school AP course or a completed course (grade C or above) from another college for WGU’s evaluation.

Note again: the math readiness requirement applies ONLY to the B.S. in Computer Science.

Prospective students need to submit proof of industry certification from CompTIA, Cisco, Google, etc. Per Scholas alumni can request a transcript by contacting the site from which they obtained certification.

Per Scholas alumni may transfer up to 54 credits from Per Scholas to any of WGU’s College of IT programs upon meeting the admission requirements for that program. Credit transfer requirements for other colleges may vary. Per Scholas alumni will need to work with those colleges for program admission and credit transfer.

If admitted, these are additional steps in the WGU admission process

  • Prospective students meet with an Enrollment Counselor to discuss the student's plans and determine whether WGU is the best program for the student's academic and career goals. This is a 20- to 30-minute meeting.
  • Prior to being enrolled, students need to make a tuition payment installment or have a payment plan in place
  • Students must complete an orientation session. This provides basic WGU information and ori

Per Scholas enrollees who did not graduate but did earn industry-recognized credentials can transfer these towards a degree from the College of IT.

Per Scholas enrollees who did not graduate but did earn industry-recognized credentials can transfer these towards a degree from the College of IT.

WGU has a generous transfer policy. Our transcripts department can accept official copies of transcripts from your previous educational institutions for a course-by-course evaluation that compares the context of your courses to those in our programs, to tell you what is comparable and transferable.

Yes! WGU is institutionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), the highest form of accreditation.

It depends on the program you are interested in pursuing. Some programs will have additional requirements however, the general admissions process is as follows: 

  1. Complete the enrollment application
  2. Contact Enrollment at 866-225-5948 to go over the program and admissions process specific to your desired degree program
  3. Submit official transcripts
  4. If desired, complete FAFSA form for financial aid

The enrollment process can take approximately 4-6 weeks. Start dates are the first of each month once enrollment has been completed.

Every school sets its own guidelines however, accreditation plays a big part in recognition and acceptance. WGU is institutionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), the highest form of accreditation. WGU graduates go on to continue their education at many colleges and universities. When WGU alumni self-report acceptance into graduate or doctorate programs, we add the university to a list so you can see where WGU graduates are continuing to pursue higher education.