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No Excuses: How YOU Can Finish Your Degree with WGU

12/17/2013 3:12 pm

Shakera Baxter was living in a world of could-have and should-have.

As a high school graduate, the future looked bright when she was awarded a scholarship and was on her way to college.

But then, an unexpected pregnancy derailed her plans. Shakera dropped out of school and went into the workforce, a skilled and talented worker who never felt she was achieving her full potential because she lacked that degree.

Shakera says that could have been the end of her story. She could have become a statistic. Instead, she decided to stop making excuses and take control of her future.

When she discovered the flexible, affordable, competency-based degree programs offered by Western Governors University, she knew she could overcome any challenges and, through perseverance and the support of a student-focused online university, she could earn that degree.

And she did. Not only did she achieve her B.S. in Health Informatics, but she had the opportunity to share her inspiring story this October as a speaker at the WGU Texas 2013 Commencement. Enjoy her speech here:

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