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Scholarship FAQs

Get All of your Questions Answered

Scholarships are a great resource available to students to help pay for their educational costs without taking on debt. Scholarships can also remove obstacles from your path to achieving your educational goals. 

WGU is utilizing ScholarshipUniverse as an easy way to apply for WGU scholarships and external scholarships. We encourage all new students and returning graduates to apply. Minimize your time scrolling and maximize the time you spend applying to scholarship opportunities!

All scholarships are competitive and are not guaranteed. Visit our WGU scholarship homepage to browse the many scholarship opportunities available to you. 

Get Started in Two Simple Steps

Step 1: Apply for Admission

To be considered for WGU scholarships, you must be provisionally accepted as a WGU student1. Please complete the admissions application and work with your Enrollment Counselor to move through the admissions process.

Step 2: Apply for Scholarships

To access the scholarship application, you will need your MyWGU student portal credentials, which will be sent to you after Step 1. You are eligible to apply for scholarships 90 days before and up to 30 days after your degree start date.2

1 Returning WGU graduates should complete the Returning Graduate Application.

2 Completing a current aid year FAFSA is required if eligible to submit the FAFSA. If you are ineligible to receive federal aid via the FAFSA, you will still have opportunity to be considered for WGU scholarships.

Using the ScholarshipUniverse Platform

Applicants will sign in/create an account using your MYWGU student portal credentials. You will then be guided to ScholarshipUniverse—our scholarship matching tool—to match to and apply for scholarships.

In the ScholarshipUniverse dashboard you can:

  • View and manage your online profile
  • Answer questions to match you with scholarship opportunities
  • View and apply to WGU or external scholarships
  • View scholarship applications you have completed or that are in-progress
  • Manage and upload any verifying documents that may be needed

Answering Matching Questions

Answer matching questions to identify eligible internal and external scholarships opportunities.

Applying on Scholarships Tab

ScholarshipUniverse will match you to scholarships based on the answered questions.

a. Matches - List of scholarships to which you can now apply

b. Pinned - List of previously pinned scholarships

c. Partial Matches - List of scholarships to which you have met some (but not all) eligibility requirements; additional matching questions need to be answered

d. Application Submitted - List of scholarships you have applied to/completed

e. Non-Matches - List of scholarships for which you are ineligible to apply based on matching questions

f. Not-Interested - List of scholarships you marked not interested.


Answer required questions in detail before submitting your applications.

Review Process

This listed status of the applied scholarship is relevant to the scholarship's overall status--your particular application status is not listed.

Currently our processing time is 8-10 weeks maximum from the date your application was submitted. If you have any questions regarding the scholarship process, please feel free to contact the WGU scholarship department.


Phone: 1-877-435-7948 EXT: 3125


90 Days Before

New WGU students and returning graduates can apply for scholarships up to 90 days before their program start date.


30 Days After

New WGU students and returning graduates can apply for scholarships up to 30 days after their program start date.


Applicants must be a new WGU student or returning WGU graduate to be eligible for the many offered scholarship opporutnities. Applicants must complete a current aid year FAFSA application. If you are ineligible to receive financial aid via FAFSA, you will still have the opportunity to be considered for a WGU scholarship. Scholarship recipients are eligible to receive one WGU scholarship per degree. Recipients of multi-term scholarships must meet on-time progress (OTP) for their scholarship to renew.

”This scholarship will make it possible for me to earn my bachelor's degree. Earning this degree in turn will set an example for my children and open the door for me to begin a purposeful career. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone—you have my utmost appreciation! This scholarship means more to me than words can measure.”

—Year of You Scholarship Recipient

Common Questions About Scholarships

Most scholarships are for new students and returning graduates (unless otherwise noted). Eligible students must complete the scholarship application 90 days before and up to 30 days after the program start date. Current students may apply for funding they are eligible for at any time after their first term is completed. WGU employees and family members who are eligible for the WGU employee discount are not eligible for WGU scholarships.

An eligible student can receive one WGU scholarship award per degree. In the event that a student qualifies for multiple WGU scholarships, the scholarship committee will consider each opportunity and will then select which one to award (if any).

It depends on the specific criteria for the scholarship fund. In general, we award scholarships based on the following factors:

  • Meeting the basic eligibility requirements
  • The quality of your scholarship application responses
  • Financial need is also a strong consideration for most of our scholarship funds

Some scholarships are also based upon evaluations of prior college transcripts and other academic history. We encourage you to apply.

WGU evaluates scholarship applications on a continual basis because we start new students in their programs every month. Often we are able to make an award decision within 8–10 weeks of receiving your application. You will also need to have applied for admission and been accepted to the university. An Enrollment Counselor can help explain the process.

No. New and returning student scholarship awards are divided into a set amount per term. This amount is credited against your tuition due for each term. The details are explained in the description for each scholarship.

Yes, you should also apply for federal financial aid by filling out a FAFSA. Most scholarships at WGU require a FAFSA on file unless you are not eligible to apply for federal aid. If awarded a scholarship, that amount will likely only cover a portion of your school expenses, and financial aid can help pay for the rest. You can apply for financial aid while you are waiting for a decision about your scholarship application. Here is the full information on financial aid.

WGU is partnering with Scholarship Universe (SU), a third-party scholarship aggregator, to help you identify and apply for scholarships based on information included in your SU profile. The information you enter into the SU platform will be governed by ScholarshipUniverse's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Still have questions? More info can be found here:

Thank You to Our Donors

Scholarship opportunities are made possible in part by the generous support of many companies, foundations, partner organizations, and individuals, including WGU alumni, faculty, and staff. Learn how donors can make a difference at WGU.