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Computer Requirements for WGU Students

Computer Requirements

Technology readiness is critical to students’ success in the WGU online learning environment. WGU is a 100% Bring Your Own Device university and, while technology products must meet required technical specifications, students are able to select technology products based on preference. 

Students should use the following technical requirements to guide their selection of a technology package for use during their academic program at WGU. Systems purchased new within the past two years will typically come with the following recommended features. Students can check technical readiness of their computer system by using the WGU System Check tool to ensure they meet university requirements. Students can see details on Computer Requirements at Computer System & Technology Requirements.

WGU and T-Mobile have partnered to increase access to education, making it possible for individuals to improve their lives and the lives of their families by earning a college degree online. To help reach this goal, we are offering the Online Access Scholarship to new students beginning a program at WGU.

The scholarship will provide recipients with equipment that will eliminate barrier to internet access. Students will be able to pick which devices they most need assistance with - including a laptop, a hotspot with internet access and/or a webcam. We know that these tools are key in helping students have access to education, and thus access to opportunity.