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WGU Doesn't Require Standardized Testing for Admissions



Admission Without Traditional Test Requirements


Here at WGU, our goal is to make it easier for students to follow their dream of pursuing higher education. For many students, standardized tests like the ACT, SAT, GRE, and GMAT can bring anxiety and be a large barrier for pursuing higher education. The study time, cost, and the score itself can prevent students from being able to move forward with their education. That's why WGU doesn't require these standardized tests as part of the admission requirements. Students don't have to have a certain score or have taken these typical entrance exams in order to receive admission to WGU. Instead, WGU looks at previous work and college experience, using that as a gauge to help in admissions decisions. We feel this is an extremely accurate portrayal of where students are and if they can excel at WGU.


Bachelor's Degree Admissions

No ACT Required Bachelor's Degree

Typically colleges require an ACT score for incoming students to determine their eligibility. WGU doesn't require students to take the ACT before enrolling in a bachelor's degree program. Took the ACT several years ago? Didn't take the ACT at all? Don't like your score? Don't worry! 

No SAT Required Bachelor's Degree

WGU doesn't require the SAT for admission. Whether you are just graduating high school or haven't been a student for 30 years, it's not a problem. You don't need worry about studying, paying a fee, or getting a certain score in order to pursue a bachelor's degree at WGU.

Admissions Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees

For each student who applies, WGU will evaluate previous academic history to include high school or college coursework and/or work history as required.

When you apply to WGU, your background and experience will be considered to provide you with recommended paths based on helping you graduate with your degree. These paths are designed based on thousands of graduates and their successful journeys. The decision is yours; you get to choose the path that works best for you. Your dedicated enrollment counselor is here to walk you through these recommendations and help you decided on your personalized path.  

Specific Undergraduate Degree Requirements
Certain degree programs may have unique admission requirements. Learn about them now.

Master's Degree Admissions

No GRE Required Master's Degree

The GRE is typically required for many master's degree programs to prove that students are ready for admission. At WGU, students wanting to enroll in a master's degree do not have to take the GRE in order to be admitted. No need to spend lots of time studying, to pay for the cost of materials and the exam itself, you can move forward with your education without taking this test.

No GMAT Required MBAs

The GMAT exam is usually required for business master's degrees, particularly for MBA programs. But at WGU, we don't want this exam to be a barrier for students to continue their education. That's why we do not require the GMAT exam for students to be able to pursue their MBA, M.S. in Accounting, or any other business degree program.

Admissions Requirements for Graduate Degrees

For each student who applies, WGU will evaluate the following:

  • Bachelor's degree transcripts. 
  • For each student who applies, WGU will evaluate degrees previously attained and/or work history as required.

Master's degree programs are likely to have unique requirements for students to pursue their program.

Are There Any Required Tests?

The only standardized test that is required at WGU is for Prelicensure Nursing students. These students must pass the HESI Admission Assessment (A2) in order to be admitted to the Prelicensure program. These students do not have to take the ACT or SAT, simply the HESI Admission Assessment (A2) 

Initial Licensure Programs (ILPs) in the Teachers College/School of Education also require a Test of Basic Skills for admission to the program. The Praxis CORE is the primary Basic Skills test that is accepted. Students can work with Enrollment Counselors to find out what test they will need in order to be admitted to an ILP program.

Specific Program Requirements

While WGU doesn't require typical standardized tests for admissions, there are some criteria that are required in order for students to begin their program. Learn about work requirements, past experience, or any other eligibility criteria you'll have to meet in order to be admitted to WGU.