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May 13, 2022

Nursing & Healthcare

Student Success: Dr. Chibunna Nwaobia

Dr. Chibunna E. Nwaobia is a healthcare leadership and management professional who believes in helping others gain momentum to live their dreams and aspirations. Due to his passion for social change, he thinks education and collaboration have the power to impact the lives of individuals. As an alumnus of WGU, Dr. Nwaobia focuses on combining professionalism and networking to coach a new generation of healthcare professionals. This Q & A reveals why healthcare is his passion and how he's using his education to benefit others.

Please give a brief description of your background. (Work, family, future career, etc.)

I'm a healthcare executive and professional coach in leadership and personal development. I help individuals find their identity to be the best version and live their best lives. I started as a registered nurse, then faculty until I worked my way up to the C-suite, where I oversaw an entire clinical team in a hospital as the Chief Clinical Officer. I'm also the founder and the Executive director of NursesBond Inc, a leadership, education, and entrepreneurship platform for healthcare professionals. I reside in Southern California with my family. My future career is to continue to provide coaching and mentorship to leaders and healthcare professionals.

How did you find WGU; why did you choose our university?

I was searching for an online school with flexibility so I could keep my full-time nursing job at that time. I searched several schools, but due to the tuition structure of WGU, I felt I could double up my study time and graduate on time with little to no student loan at all. My instinct didn't fail me; WGU was the right school for me. It was very affordable and guided me through their great academic advisors to complete my graduate degree in less time than I thought.

What made you decide to get your degree? 

I needed to advance my nursing career to get into nursing leadership and teach graduate nurses in nursing school. I knew I wanted more than just a degree, and I wanted to help other individuals.

Why did you choose healthcare?

I have been a caregiver all my life. I just grew up to know that my passion is to help individuals no matter their level in life. So, when I was about to go to college, I had to decide which career would get me closer to my passion, and nursing came up. That's why I enrolled. Today, I don't only care for the sick; I care for healthcare professionals who then provide care in all aspects of life; I build and grow healthcare professionals.

Were there any barriers you’ve had to overcome (life, education, career)?Who were your influencers and supporters?

Life itself is full of barriers, to be a caregiver has so many obstacles as well. Finding my identity among people who don't look or talk like me; also proved to people that my intelligence is divine and not just from physical appearance. I had to face so many rejections even when I knew I was qualified and had the expertise to do the work, but some didn't allow me at first to prove what I could offer. So, I started being my cheerleader; I started creating my little world, and today I have so many who have come to realize that what they didn't give me the opportunity initially, I now have more of it. I have now created more opportunities for individuals to have the experience of becoming whatever they have desired to be.

Can you share your future career and life goals?

I'm a professional coach. I help individuals understand their identity to use it to become whatever they want in health, career, and relationship. I also coach healthcare leaders to have clarity of purpose in all their leadership endeavors.

My life goal is to use my talent and gift of knowledge to help as many individuals as possible to start living their best lives. I do this through different avenues and platforms I have created to teach, grow and serve people. My organization, "NursesBond Foundation," is one channel where we support individuals in different communities to become the best version of themselves through coaching and mentoring.

What advice would you give to future and current WGU students? 

WGU has excellent resources; utilize them. WGU's competency-based programs are second to none; take advantage of them. WGU is where you can challenge your ability to work at your own pace and achieve your maximum result; be your best. Lastly, WGU alumni are like a family; become one of us.

Would you recommend WGU to your family and friends? If so, why?

I highly recommend WGU. It changed my perception of life. It will change yours!

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