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Meet a Mentor: Travis Moore

May 24, 2018

One of the ways WGU Tennessee adds a personal touch to online education is by having mentors who work with students every step of the way. We recently caught up with Travis Moore, a Tennessee resident and mentor in the College of Business, to find out what goes into being a mentor and why he is inspired to help turn students into graduates.

Travis was working at a tech startup when he heard about WGU Tennessee from a friend, who is also a WGU Tennessee mentor. Having previously earned a master’s degree online, Travis already knew the challenges that come with trying to earn a degree in a nontraditional way.

“When I was a student, I don’t remember speaking with any faculty on a regular basis,” he said. “WGU is different.” Travis started working with WGU Tennessee in the fall of 2016 as one of the first specialized mentors, which was created to support specific programs and better help students stay on track.

The way it works.

WGU Tennessee mentors are given a number of students and work with them each day to reach their educational and career goals. Travis tries to be as flexible as possible with his schedule, which helps him have a nice work/life balance and provide students the support they need.

“Just as it’s flexible for students, it’s flexible for us,” he said.

The biggest thing Travis says mentors do is help with student accountability by focusing on the whole process. Helping guide students through the program and keeping them motivated set them up for future career success. When asked which class he’s needed in most, Travis responded, “Taxation. That class is a beast.”

While it’s certainly not an easy job, the no-nonsense approach is what this mentor enjoys most. As a student, if you know the material, you earn your degree faster.

The thing that most surprised Travis about being a mentor with WGU Tennessee was how emotional the job is. “The conversations I have where I get to hear about a student’s story are truly inspirational.”

WGU Tennessee’s learning model works thanks to mentors like Travis who help our students along the way. A big thanks to all the mentors who have helped more than 4,000 students learn and grow at WGU Tennessee since 2013!

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