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Reflections from WGU Washington Alumni – Part 1

Jan 9, 2018

As WGU Washington celebrates topping the 10,000 graduates milestone, many of the university’s proud alumni have offered their reflections on their experiences as Night Owls and how education has helped them create better lifestyles for themselves and their families:

My young daughter saw me succeed as a student — full-time working and full-time single mom — so, hopefully, I have inspired her to be a strong woman when she grows up. — Claire Glover, MS Nursing

(My degree from WGU Washington) helped me get a raise, which in turn helped me buy my first house! — Byron Combs, MS Curriculum and Instruction

A few months after finishing my bachelor's degree, I was recruited into a director-level position that I would not have qualified for without the degree. Now that I have a master's, I can aspire to even more pivotal positions. — Debra Robertson, Nursing Leadership & Management

Being able to utilize the management and leadership curriculum on a daily basis has allowed me a better understanding of working relationships, office environment, and my own personal motivation with leaders and managers. — Kaitlin Pitchford, MS Management and Leadership

During the course of my master’s program I had a newborn, gave birth to my second child, and had a knee surgery. Thanks to the fact I could work from home and accelerate my program because of the competency-based model, I was able to finish my degree quicker than several peers who were going the traditional route. — Bethany Martinez, MEd ELL

I had promised my dad back in 1981 that, when I dropped out of college, I would finish my degree program. I tried to complete my degree program off and on for approximately 35 years. WGU's program fit my needs completely, and I was finally able to give my diploma to my dad. — Beth Lawson, BS Business Management

Many doors of opportunity have opened for me because of my WGU experience. — Diane Pitchford, MS Nursing

I have been able to work for some of the best companies in the world. I truly believe that these opportunities would not have been possible without the education that I received from WGU. Thank you WGU. I am proud to be a Night Owl! — David Bickford, MBA

I have gained so many instructional strategies, and I am a better teacher as a result. Getting to do all this, while working and getting to be a mom, makes the process even more rewarding. — Erica Iris, MS Curriculum and Instruction

I received my bachelors from WGU 25 years after graduating from high school. It’s a dream I finally fulfilled, and I know I’m a positive example to my five children. — Angela Kennington, BA Interdisciplinary studies K-8

I started WGU with the idea that learning is never a bad thing. Quickly — and I mean very quickly — I felt a sense of achievement, fun, and formed a positive outlook on what was going to happen when I concluded the program. I loved my (program) mentor. I loved the process. And now I love my life. — Alan Harrison, BS Business Management

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