5 Great Online Learning Resources for Nurses

5 Online Learning Resources for Nurses

Careers in nursing are on the rise as the medical industry is expecting nearly 20 percent growth in the field by 2022. If you're considering entering this in-demand profession, getting a degree is an important starting point. Graduating with an MSN will certainly get you noticed on the job market, but as you get further in your career, it's imperative to have resources available that will keep you abreast of the latest advancements in the field. The Internet is a fantastic forum for networking with other medical professionals, brushing up on what you learned at school and learning new information relevant to your job. Here are some great online learning resources for nurses:

1. Learning Nurse Resource Network

The Learning Nurse Resource Network is an online professional development center for nurses of all levels and educational backgrounds. For those pursuing a nursing degree online, this is a great website that provides independent, safe, free resources. With the goal of maintaining and continuing education for nurses, the website is divided into three main sections: an assessment section, an e-learning section, and a library.

The assessment portion of the website is filled with apps, quizzes and games. These entertaining tools allow nurses to gather what they already know and determine where there are gaps in their knowledge. The e-learning section complements the assessments by providing an online space to learn new skills through courses and modules. The library is filled with professional development advice, nursing articles and helpful links to other resources.

2. American Nurses Association

The Educational Resource Center of the American Nurses Association (ANA) is a portal focused on providing a continuing education resource for nurses. This organization provides numerous fact sheets and tips covering topics relevant to the nursing profession. The ANA is working to make the Education Resource Center a go-to repository for information regarding nursing education.

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The ANA also publishes three periodicals: The American Nurse, American Nurse Today, and OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. These publications cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the nursing industry.

3. Health Resources and Services Administration

The Health Resources and Services Administration, or HRSA, is working to ensure that everyone has access to a broad spectrum of public health services. They have several bureaus that are working to provide healthcare opportunities to professionals in various fields.

Within the HRSA, the Bureau of Health Workforce is looking to address shortages of primary care physicians, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals in the United States. The bureau provides scholarships and loans to encourage nurses to work in underserved communities.

4. The Nursing and Allied Health Resources Section

This website provides links to a multitude of resources for nurses including lists of e-books, other nursing websites, dissertations, anatomy resources and much more. The site itself is a great jumping-off point for nurses looking to build an online repertoire of resources. Furthermore, the Nursing and Allied Health Resources section has links to style and plagiarism guides, powerful tools for those that have not written papers in a while.

The anatomy resources page provides connections to online activities and games, compiling some of the most interesting videos and studies from a wide range of universities and higher education institutions. There is also a compilation of medical databases.

5. Nurse.com

Perhaps one of the most beneficial features of Nurse.com is its student news section. Gather insights from other nursing students to get the most out of your educational experience. The website also includes educational and professional advice, as well as career resources. Nurse.com is consistently an innovative space for nurses to develop professionally, learn field-relevant skills and read compelling news. Nurse.com's magazine provides print publications for over 600,000 RNs nationwide.

Moreover, Nurse.com provides a number of financial aid links and resources, as continuing your education in this important profession should not be limited by financial restraints.

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