Top 10 Christmas Gifts for WGU Students

It’s almost Christmas Night Owls, which means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. But I’m not here to talk about what gifts you should be getting for your family, after all you’re the hard working WGU student here. Instead I’d like to give some suggestions on what they should get for you, feel free to print this article out and casually slip it under their door.

As a college student at WGU, there’s a lot of different things you have to juggle. These are the top 10 Christmas gift recommendations to make your life a bit easier.


A Good Calculator

Maybe you haven’t done math in a few years or maybe you just hate it, although then again who doesn’t. But one thing is for sure, college math is ten times worse with a terrible calculator that can’t even remember the last number you put in. A good calculator can’t ace your algebra exam for you, but it can avoid a lot of pain and suffering along the way.

Check out the TI-30XS at Amazon for only $15!

A Good Keyboard and Mouse

WGU is online, which is great. You can study from your couch, your porch, in the tree in the backyard, really wherever as long as there’s an internet connection, but that also means you’ll be spending a lot of time on the computer. And while you may have a nice laptop, nothing beats a nice ergonomic keyboard and computer mouse when it comes to late-night study sessions and typing up your essays.

The Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550 is $42 at Amazon!

Bulk-sized Ibuprofen

This may seem like a cheap Christmas gift, but you’d be surprised. You’re staring at a screen, your children are playing with what sounds like a chainsaw in the next room, and you’ve already had to work 8 hours today. So just to mix things up a bit, life decides that now’s a great time to give you a headache. It’ll happen. Be prepared.

Walmart has 1,000 count Equate brand of ibuprofin for $13!

Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

So we’ve already covered that you can study from anywhere, in the back of a tractor, in a Starbucks, etc. and also that you’re bound to have headache inducing interruptions. The best way to block out all that noise would be a nice vacation to Hawaii, but while that may be out of the picture as a Christmas gift, what shouldn’t be is a nice pair of Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones. They’ll give you some peace of mind and your own little slice of tranquility.

Check out these headphones from Amazon - $69!

Comfortable Sleep Stuff

None of these gifts can give you back the time you’ll spend studying, doing exams and assessments, and working, but a nice pillow and blanket can make the time you have to sleep in-between all these things feel oh so much better. Being well rested is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health as you struggle through college life, so don’t settle.

Look at this beautiful faux fur throw blanket from Amazon for just $29!

Caffeinated Anything

You won’t always have time to sleep though. You need to finish programming an app for your Mobile Applications assignment and all you have is a blank white screen. Or maybe you need to finish a marketing plan and in its current state all it says is “Please Buy”. I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful world of coffee and caffeinated beverages. Use with caution or you may end up looking like a pale goon twitching as you type away on your keyboard, but really there is no better way to crank out those last minute college projects.

Check out this coffee made by Black Rifle Coffee Company, 100% Veteran owned and operated.

A Professional House Cleaner

When you are a college student, there are enough things to do as is. Simple tasks like doing the laundry or taking out the trash seem to add up. And if you have kids? Well, it can seem like there’s no time at all to commit to your studies. A professional housekeeper can alleviate some of that stress by knocking out the busy work so you don’t have to, leaving you precious time to spend with your loved ones or work through that next course at WGU.

Check out Groupon for great local deals on housecleaning services!

A Family Coupon Book

A Housekeeper can be a big expense though, so in lieu of hiring a professional, suggest to your kids they give you a coupon book for Christmas. Don’t want to do the dishes today? Tired of taking out the trash when you’d rather be taking a break? Rip out a coupon from your coupon book and make your kids do it! It’s a Christmas gift that cost’s nothing but that helps a lot.

Create your own coupon book here!

A New Laptop

If there’s one object you’ll interact with the most during your time at WGU, it’s your laptop. All of your education and studies will revolve around it, which means it’s a real drag to be stuck with an ancient computer that has long loading times. A nice new laptop will really make your life much easier, and make your time at WGU go so much smoother.

Amazon of course has some great deals on laptops. Find them here!

A Trip to Commencement

Last but not least, if there’s one thing you are as a WGU student, it’s a hard worker. It takes a huge amount of sacrifice and dedication to get your college degree. So when it’s finally over and you’ve passed your last course, it’s nice to be able to celebrate. WGU has commencement gatherings throughout the country, and perhaps the best Christmas gift for a WGU student is giving them the opportunity to go and walk the stage.

Find out everything you need to know about commencement here!


One thing in common about all of these Christmas gift ideas are that they make a WGU student’s life just a tad bit easier, and in doing so give them more time to be with their loved ones. That gift is priceless and it’s what Christmas is all about.

Have your own suggestion for a perfect Christmas gift idea? Post it so others can see!

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