What LinkedIn Tells Us About WGU Students and Alumni

Ever wonder who your fellow Night Owls are? What companies employ the most WGU alumni? What fields do students work in? How can you connect and network with them? How can being a Night Owl help you get your foot in the door?

A relatively new feature on LinkedIn has some answers!

WGU’s LinkedIn University Page connects with the profiles of every student or alum who lists “Western Governors University” as their alma mater/current school in the educational section of their profiles. This provides access to a lot of data about the people who connect to WGU on LinkedIn, and the Students & Alumni tab turns around and feeds a lot of that data back.

It’s not scientific, of course—it only looks at the self-reported information provided by the roughly 46,000 LinkedIn users who have connected with WGU. But it’s a fascinating look at who WGU serves.

(And speaking of which, if you haven’t already connected to WGU on LinkedIn, be sure to update your profile to list “Western Governors University” as your school. Also, as a student or alum you can request to join the private Western Governors University Alumni & Students networking and discussion group. And if you want to tell the world about your WGU experience and why you’d recommend earning a degree with us, leave your thoughts via the Recommendations tab.) 

Fun facts:

Where Night Owls Work

As of November 12, 2015, the top employers listed by WGU’s 45,696 students and alumni on LinkedIn:

  1. The U.S. Air Force (242 employees)
  2. HCA Healthcare (230 employees)
  3. The U.S. Army (211 employees)
  4. Intermountain Healthcare (195 employees)
  5. Kaiser Permanente (159 employees)

What Night Owls Do

The top fields WGU’s LinkedIn connections work in:

  1. Information technology (8,158 connections)
  2. Healthcare services (5,640 connections)
  3. Education (4,974 connections)

What Night Owls Are Good At

The top skills listed by WGU’s students and alumni on LinkedIn:

  1. Customer service (13,848)
  2. Microsoft Office (12,884)
  3. Management (10,328) and leadership (10,236)

Add your resume to the mix by connecting with us on LinkedIn. And let us know in the comments below how you use LinkedIn to build your professional network, learn new career skills and leadership qualities, and connect with others from your school and workplace.

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