BS Nursing (RN to BSN)

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Health Informatics jobs are numerous and varied. If you have the desire to work in the healthcare but prefer a role that does not involve direct contact with patients, the field is ripe with opportunities. Maybe you have an aptitude for science but would like to pursue an interest management, law and computers. Perhaps you like the idea of working in a professional environment alongside physicians, nurses and administrators.

Nursing (RN to BSN) Areas of Study

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The WGU RN to BSN program is based on best practices for effective learning and national standards. It provides the knowledge and skills that enable graduates to expand their knowledge in areas of research, theory, community concepts, healthcare policy, therapeutic interventions, and current trends.

General Education

Foundations of College Mathematics
This course focuses on basic numeracy and calculation skills, basic algebra skills, basic geometry principles, and basic data and probability skills.

BS Nursing (RN to BSN) Domains

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Domains of Study

Below are the domains of study that make up this degree program aligned with the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education of Professional Nursing Practice of the AACN. Each domain (and subdomain) is made up of specific competencies, or performance descriptions, that correspond to the specific skills or knowledge areas you must master. Click on any of the domains for more information about the competencies.

BS Nursing, Degree Details

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How This Program Works

WGU offers degrees, not classes.

WGU does not rely upon classes in the traditional sense. We don’t base your progress on accumulating credit hours, but rather on completing challenging assessments that measure your knowledge and skills in a subject area. We ask you to—prove you know your stuff.

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