What Others Say

Barack Obama


"Western Governors University is one of the innovators implementing promising practices that offer breakthroughs on cost, quality, or both."


Bill Gates

"I'm impressed by the results in places like Western Governors University. Its low-cost online programs rely on competency-based progression, not class time or credit hours. It uses external assessments to evaluate student proficiency."


Brad Smith

General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Microsoft

"WGU gives students the ability to really assemble the complete package, from the subject matter to the specific skills to the certification that gives employers confidence when they're making a hiring decision."

Michael O. Leavitt

Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Former Governor of Utah

"WGU is about fundamental change in the way higher education is delivered. It's right, it's real, and it's efficient. It's what higher education will require to succeed in the future."

John Steele

Senior Vice President of Human Resources, HCA

"What we need are people who are truly versatile, able to learn efficiently and effectively, folks who are able to master change at the same pace as their company, and folks who are self-motivated. Those are the kind of people [who] represent graduates of Western Governors University."

WGU Was Named Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2013

"For showing public schools another way to do business. The low-cost, self-paced WGU focuses on skills that lead to better jobs in teaching, health care, IT, and business."
"The top program in the nation for secondary teachers is at Western Governors University, which had nearly perfect scores across the board and whose online training is accessible to any aspiring teacher in the nation. Primarily an online program, Western Governors University places staff in every state who carefully oversee the delivery of a strong student teaching experience."

2014 Annual Assessment of the nation's 2,400 Teacher-Prep Programs

"Let's not waste anyone's time or money. You won't find that phrase emblazoned on a T-shirt, but it's essentially the motto of Western Governors University (WGU), a private online school that has worked hard to prove it is anything but a diploma mill."

Go Western, Young Man

"WGU is like no other American university. It is designed to meet the needs of working adults who want to further their education but don't have the time to attend a conventional community college or university."

A School of Clicks, Not Bricks

"It's a school without boundaries—there aren't any teachers, curriculums are personalized, and students can go at their own pace."

Students Go at Own Pace at School without Boundaries

Rave Reviews for WGU
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Ted Mitchell

Former U.S. Under Secretary of Education

"At WGU, students work at their own pace with the flexibility to adjust to life's inevitable ups and downs. And while many traditional colleges still struggle to support non-traditional students, WGU has paired each student with an extraordinary mentor who offers support to help them succeed."

Arne Duncan

Former U.S. Secretary of Education

"WGU is an affordable online, nonprofit institution that measures the success of its students—most of them working adults—not by credit hours but by demonstrated mastery of a subject, whether it is information technology, nursing, a field of business, or preparation to teach. While such programs are now the exception, I want them to be the norm."

Your Best Decision

WGU has flourished into a national university, serving over 82,000 students from all 50 states. Our unique competency-based academic approach has received praise from academia and employers alike for its relevance to the real work world. Our reputation with employers is further enhanced by our emphasis on graduating highly competent professionals.

What Students Say

Returning to college is a challenge. WGU was created to make it possible. Many of our students and graduates report that they love the fact they were able to earn their degrees on their schedules and their budgets. Read more student and graduate testimonials here.

What Employers Say

Our focus on competency development is getting noticed by employers. This means that as a graduate of WGU, you'll have a valued credential that is recognized by employers. Our latest survey speaks volumes about our great fit with the demands of employers in many industries:

said that WGU graduates meet or exceed expectations; 94% said WGU graduates exceed expectations.

said they would hire another WGU graduate.

said that their WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs.

Learn more about WGU student and graduate success. You can read about WGU student satisfaction, student success on national exams, and employer satisfaction in hiring WGU graduates.

"Western Governors University gave me a well-rounded education so that I could match the level of my peers. The value was phenomenal! I would have paid thousands more at other schools." Sean Onion,
WGU Graduate

Additional Information

The Myths about Online Learning

Even though online learning is growing dramatically and becoming more and more accepted among employers and academia, there are still opinions—really, myths—about online education that linger in some people's minds.

See Why Online Learning Works

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