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4 Types of Scholarship Awards

In 2019, WGU Indiana awarded 473 scholarships to eligible participants, totaling $911,713.

Feb 20, 2020

At WGU Indiana, we strive to help our students get ahead of the game when it comes to funding their education. With National student debt exceeding $1.5 trillion total and reaching 27.5 billion in Indiana alone, scholarships can help minimize the  financial burden that often comes with paying for a degree. Scholarships are one of the many ways that WGU seeks to remove obstacles from the path to achieving goals in education and improving career opportunities.

In 2019, WGU Indiana awarded 473 scholarships to eligible participants, totaling $911,713 in scholarships in the calendar year. In addition to its already low-cost tuition and flexibility, WGU Indiana provides multiple scholarships for its current and prospective students as part of the university’s investment in the future of their students.

Below are the 4 types of scholarship opportunities available at WGU Indiana.

General WGU

For many adults, returning to school for any type of degree while balancing the demands of career and family can seem like a daunting goal. Between a forty-plus hour work week, kids’ soccer games and family commitments, time is at a premium. Furthermore, there’s the financial piece. One look at the cost of a graduate degree is enough to deter most. Luckly, WGU offers a variety of scholarships year to year to ease the financial strain on students, some include:

  • WGU Alumni Master’s Scholarship
  • WGU Institutional Partner Fund
  • ITT Transfer Scholarship
  • New Year Scholarship
  • Legacy Scholarship
  • WGU Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
  • Harper College Transfer Scholarship
  • WGU StraighterLine Scholarship

Program Specific

WGU Indiana also offers degree specific scholarships for all four of their colleges, (Teachers College, College of IT, Business College, and College of Health Professionals). Across all four colleges there are 14 scholarships in which multiple students are awarded. In 2019, WGU offered multiple $5,000 Cybersecurity Scholarships totaling $50,000 in support of the growing field of Cybertech and their new Cybersecurity program in the College of IT. Below is a sampling of some of the additional program scholarships available. 

Health & Nursing Scholarships 

  • ANPD Excellence in Nursing Education Scholarship
  • ACLC Leaders In Healthcare Scholarship
  • Linda Knodel Leaders In Nursing and Health Scholarship
  • Margaret Mcclure Scholarship 
  • WGU Healthcare Partners Fund
  • WGU Excellence In Health Information Management Scholarship 

Business Scholarships 

  • Master Your Future Scholarship
  • WGU Leaders In Nonprofit Scholarship 
  • SHRM Leadership Scholarship

I.T. Scholarships

  • WGU Cybersecurity Scholarship
  • WGU Leaders In Nonprofit Scholarship 

Teaching Scholarships

  • Teachers of Tomorrow Scholarship
  • K-12 Partner Scholarship
  • WGU NACCTEP Scholarship


Over the last 10 years, WGU Indiana has fostered many strong partnerships with local and national organizations who have joined forces to help create an abundance of opportunities for higher education. Some of these partnerships include: 

  • WGU Red Cross Partner Scholarship
  • FJ Management Impact Fund Scholarship
  • Western Association of Food Chains Scholarship
  • WGU Community College Partner Scholarship
  • WGU Americorps Scholarship


On average, Indiana residents owe $31,375 for student loans. In addition to WGU’s already affordable education model, WGU Indiana wants to help minimize growing loan debt by offering Scholarships specifically for Hoosiers. WGU Indiana’s state-based scholarships are below. 

  • Ivy Tech ASAP Scholarship 
  • South Bend Talent Scholarship 
  • WGU Indiana Hire Up Scholarship

Scholarships are available to current and prospective students year round. For more information on available scholarships and to apply, visit

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