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How to be Ambitious Without Getting Overwhelmed

Jun 29, 2018

Summer is here, and we’re fast approaching the second half of the year. As temperatures rise, so do the expectations of you. “You think, oh my goodness, it’s almost the end of the year and there’s still so much I want to do!!” I get it, I’m ambitious like you, so I am diligent about watching for the warning signs that my drive is about to get the best of me. So, let’s talk about how to be ambitious without getting overwhelmed.

Your inspired action steps

1) Identify What You Need to Remove:

Ambition is great when it keeps you driven towards your goals, it’s not so great when it leads to overwhelm. So, before you start tipping into the land of “too much to do”, take a step back and examine what is truly priority. What do you need to focus on in the next 90 Days. Don’t just think about it, be about it! Actually remove any extra “To Do’s” that can wait.

2) Identify What You Need More of:

In this new season, do you need more sleep? More skills? More focused time? More play time? More discipline? What do you need MORE of? Write down what you need more of and figure out how to incorporate it into your schedule for the next 90 days.

3) Figure Out Where You Need More Support:

Do you need to delegate something? Do you need someone to clean your house? Do you need a supportive shoulder or a listening ear? Do you need someone to Do It FOR You instead of continuing to DIY? Remember, it’s just for this season, the next 90 Days, where can you use some support to help get you to the next level? Actually go out and get the support. Make the ask. Send the request. Do the hand off. #NoMoreLoneWorldSyndrome.

4) Create A Schedule That Supports Your Highest Desires This Season:

Schedule in the things that will support your energy, your boundaries, and your ambitions. Do you need to schedule in time in the morning to connect and get centered? Do you need to schedule a time for PLAY so you don’t overbook yourself with work and tasks? Create your ideal schedule and plug in things that will support your highest good. Create practices and rituals that will allow you to follow your dreams and ambitious but will guard you against getting overwhelmed.

5) Be Patient: 

Oh boy, this is a tough one, I know. Patience and ambition sometimes go together like oil & water, but here’s the good news: because you’re so ambitious, you’ve already planted seeds and have put so much in motion already!

Yay, YOU! This step is more about trusting the process and knowing that you’re already on track. Sure, you can always dream the bigger dream and take things to the next level, but you also want to acknowledge that you’ve already been doing the work and it is currently paying off and manifesting into something great (even if you can’t see the evidence just yet).

This is about checking your energy and not going into a mindset of “it’s not here yet, I must keep grinding hard or I’m going to be left behind!” and instead adopting the mindset of, “Yes, I’m doing the work and what I’ve been working for is coming to pass at this very moment. I’m going to keep on going and I can’t wait to see what amazing opportunities pop up as a result”. That second mindset is going to attract the things you planned to manifest in your life and amazing things you could have never even dreamed of! So be patient, take heart and keep going for your dreams!

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