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March 9, 2017

Student Success

Student profile: Dustin Beasley.

WGU Missouri student Dustin Beasley had been making plans to go to school and earn his bachelor’s degree for a few years before he enrolled in WGU Missouri’s business management program in January 2016. Having completed 30 college credit hours after finishing high school 12 years ago, Dustin wanted to find a university that fit his learning style.

During a benefit fair at T-Mobile, Dustin learned about WGU Missouri and became intrigued with the school’s competency-based learning format.

WGU Missouri student

“I had been setting plans in place to go back and earn my bachelor’s degree for a few years before enrolling in WGU, but one of the things that held me back was the amount of time I would have to spend taking basic courses that I already had knowledge of through years of management experience and work history,” Dustin said. “Through some great, informative conversations with WGU Missouri Community Relations Manager Katie Cullen, as well as with the enrollment counselor assigned to me, it was clear that WGU was going to be a good fit for me and my learning style.”

Dustin, who has been with T-Mobile for 10 years, has been able to apply what he learned through his work experience to his course work. “I have learned a lot in my management role that has allowed me to move through many courses in my degree program at a faster pace,” said Dustin. “Additionally, I am able to apply the skills I learn in my courses to my daily work, which is helping to make me a better employee.”

One of Dustin’s initial concerns about going back to school was maintaining a balance in his personal and professional life, while also finding time to study. But, he found setting a consistent schedule made that balance relatively easy to achieve.

“I work an average of 10 hours a day, so I have found that setting aside 2-3 hours a day during the work week for studying, either before or after work, works well,” Dustin said. “I am then able to spend time with friends and family on the weekends.”

Dustin believes that utilizing WGU’s flexible, competency-based online work format was the key to helping him succeed in earning his bachelor’s degree. He notes he has been able to learn and complete his courses at his own pace, even finishing introductory business courses in as little as a week.

“I absolutely love this style of learning,” said Dustin. “I have always been a student that worked at a faster pace, and often found myself bored and unfocused when I completed work ahead of schedule. With WGU, I can stay on track with my degree plan and accomplish my goals at a pace that works with my personal schedule,” said Dustin.

Since getting his start with WGU, Dustin, has already earned over 40 credit hours, and is on pace to complete his Bachelor of Science in Business Management next year. Once he does, he plans to use his degree to grow at T-Mobile, with the ultimate goal of obtaining an executive leadership role with the company.

“In January of this year, I was promoted higher management position at T-Mobile. I am now supporting a team of 40 customer service and sales representatives. I attribute my success to my coursework completion and experience earned from WGU Missouri. As I continue to move through my degree program and apply for further promotions within my company, the coursework knowledge WGU has provided will allow me to continue along my path of success,” said Dustin.

Dustin says his experience with WGU has been so positive that he is spreading the word to his friends and colleagues, many of whom have become WGU students themselves.

“I continue to be a spokesperson for WGU, sharing information about the university’s competency-based learning program and telling those I meet about how WGU can help them achieve their goals,” said Dustin. “Earning my degree through WGU has been one of my most noteworthy life journeys and is soon to be my proudest accomplishment.”

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