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WGU Missouri supporters share their stories.

Jan 31, 2018

Champions for WGU Missouri recently visited the State Capitol to share their stories with lawmakers.

Eighty-four students and alumni, along with many WGU Missouri staff and faculty, gathered at the Capitol on January 30 to speak with legislators about the benefits of WGU Missouri’s unique model. They sat down in the offices of more than 44 lawmakers to explain how WGU Missouri helps busy adults reach their goals, and to encourage legislative support for WGU Missouri’s neediest students.

WGU Missouri is requesting that its low-income students be considered eligible for “Access Missouri” funds, the state’s need-based grant program. Currently, students at all brick-and-mortar colleges located in Missouri, both public and private, may apply, but there is debate about whether WGU Missouri fits the criteria.

We’re asking WGU Missouri to be considered an “approved virtual institution” because of the benefits it provides to Missouri residents who need a low-cost, high-quality, flexible college option. Senate Bill 682 and House Bill 1267 would clarify that WGU Missouri’s students, who meet all other criteria, could apply for Access Missouri funds.

Those who came to the Day at the Capitol event got to participate directly in the legislative process. WGU Missouri students and alumni who spoke with lawmakers succeeded in making personal connections, and they found that most legislators who hear directly from constituents understand why WGU Missouri makes sense and why its students should be included in Access Missouri.

You can see photos from the Day at the Capitol event on our Facebook page. If you weren’t able to join us in person, you can find your Senator and Representative here, and contact them to share your WGU Missouri story.

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