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50 Reasons a Business Degree Isn't Dead

Mar 6, 2017

2017 Top Jobs Report. Read through to see where your business degree could take you.

Business, as an industry, is like a rolling stone.  Plenty of interesting blemishes cover the surface, but not a spec of moss.  That’s because business is always evolving.  Gone are the days of being a generalist and expecting career opportunities to align with what you can do. While generations before us fared relatively well under that premise, today’s business is hugely different.

The online ecosystem has created more business variety and that means highly-segmented jobs, with new specialties blooming each year.  Millennials are especially primed for the newest job varieties, but that doesn’t leave other demographics without options.  In fact, recent reports show what age-old business roles are still growing in demand - and at a surprising rate actually.

Here’s the top growing business careers by category along with median salary (or range), sourced from multiple annual job reports*.  Find the one that appeals to you, and then explore a degree program that can prepare you to take the leap. Staying in tune with industry trends, job markets, and innovations in the area you’d like to inhabit is one of the best ways to remain relevant.


Analysts & Advisors 

Financial Advisor $58,000 - $89,000

Operations Research Analyst $78,000

Management Analyst $81,000

Market Research Analyst $62,000


Bold Experts

Business Operations Manager $97,000

Actuary Ranked $97,000

Interpreter & Translator $44,000

Marketing Manager $97,000 - $174,000

Economist $109,000


Numbers People

Statistician $80,000

Mathematician $110,000

Financial Advisor $58,000 - $89,000

Accountant $67,000

Financial Manager $89,000 - $117,000

Cost Estimator $60,000

Loan Officer $63,000

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