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How to Earn an MBA While Working Full Time, Staying Fit, and Planning a Wedding

Jun 19, 2015

As a 26-year-old working professional living in Henderson, Angela Lactaoen felt stuck in the business world with her bachelor’s degree. Three years ago, Angela accepted a position at the VA Medical Center in North Las Vegas—a job she thoroughly enjoys. Looking for a way to advance her education and ultimately her career, Angela realized that an MBA in Healthcare Management was the only way she could progress within this field.

“I started my MBA in Healthcare Management through WGU with the hopes of acquiring skills to advance my career, and ultimately to support veterans in a position with more impact,” said Angela. And although still a student, she feels the effects of her education are already evident in her job supporting veterans.

“WGU’s task-based model has really echoed the same analysis patterns that I’m starting to use as a Program Support Assistant,” Angela said. As if working full time and pursuing a master’s degree aren’t enough, Angela is also in the middle of planning her wedding for 2016. She is also a fitness and hiking enthusiast, and feels a bit lost not being able to engage in these activities in her downtime. But, amazingly, Angela conquers it all.

“With WGU, I’m able to continue my full-time career and have outside hobbies while still devoting enough time to learn information that’s applicable to helping me succeed in future work roles,” she said. “Not only has WGU been the most cost-effective option for me; the university gives me enough time for the tumultuous task that is wedding planning.”

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