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Military Graduate Spotlight: CMSgt. Terrence Whitney

About 15% of WGU students nationwide are affiliated with the military community

May 15, 2023

May is Military Appreciation Month, which has officially been designated by the U.S. Congress since 1999 to encourage Americans to publicly show their appreciation for troops past and present.

Western Governors University recognizes and honors the sacrifice and dedication it takes to serve our country. That's why our staff works hard to make educational opportunities available to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families. Nationally, about 15% of our students are affiliated with the military community. That figure is even higher in the Southeast Region – about 18%.

All degree programs offered at WGU are approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs for all education benefits offered under the GI Bill. Additionally, WGU offers several scholarships specifically for the military community.

This month, we want to recognize one of our graduates who is an active-duty service member. We recently caught up with Chief Master Sergeant Terrence L. Whitney of the United States Air Force.*

We’re happy to connect with you. Where are you currently stationed?

I am stationed at Patrick Space Force Base in Florida.

That sounds exciting. What does your current job entail?

I am a Senior Enlisted Leader (Advisor) for the Air Force Recruiting Service. Our job is to inspire, engage, and recruit men and women for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force.

How did you hear about WGU?                         

I found out about WGU through online research about virtual/remote learning institutions for a master’s degree program.

Did you use the GI Bill or any other funding to help pay for your degree?

Yes, I was able to utilize the Air Force Tuition Assistance program to help offset the cost of paying for the degree (approximately $9,000 over the two-year period), which I am truly thankful for.

How did taking classes with WGU fit with your work and family obligations?

The classes fit well with creating harmony and balance with my family and work obligations. One of the first requirements that I recall was building a study/coursework plan with my program mentor to help create that balanced and harmonized situation with family and work requirements.

What degree did you earn?

I completed my Master of Business Administration degree.

How did your studies at WGU compare to your experience at previous colleges?

I enjoyed the remote and flexible schedule to complete the degree program compared to having a more rigid (set days and times) schedule for other secondary education I’ve completed.

How was your experience with your program mentor?

Having an accountability partner to keep me honest and on pace to complete the coursework was AMAZING!

How has the MBA from WGU helped you in your daily job?

The principles of management, leadership, and strategy definitely resonate with me and my requirements as a Senior Enlisted Leader (Advisor). Each course for the master’s program enhanced my professional and personal growth.

What would you tell other military-affiliated individuals about WGU?

I would tell others who have a desire to continue their education in a busy work and family life to give WGU a look to see if it is a good fit for them.

Thanks for your time. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, continue to grow your network of connections and find a mentor or coach who’s been “there” or walked a similar journey to help you in your professional goals.

Thanks to Chief Master Sergeant Whitney, and to all who serve or have served in the armed forces. WGU salutes you and your families!

To find out more about WGU’s programs and support services for the military community, visit

*These responses reflect the comments of CMSgt. Whitney and do not constitute endorsements from the U.S. Air Force or Department of Defense.

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