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March 8, 2022

Applying Offline Communication Techniques

Adapted by WGU from WellConnect

Communicating effectively in the 21st century can be challenging when so much of modern communication happens digitally, over devices, and without the benefit of being able to see how others are directly reacting to what you have shared.

Offline communication techniques have been honed over the years to create recommendations for how to actively listen to others, connect an audience to what you have to say, and create a space for ideas to flourish collectively so everyone has an opportunity to be seen, heard, or read on a screen. Use the list of tips below as both a guide and a cheat sheet for:

Texting, message boards & social media posts

  • Re-read everything you type into the message composition space before you share
  • Clarity is critical when posting messages 
  • Consider the tone of your messages
  • Limit the use of emojis in your posts and responses

Live chat exchanges

  • Become familiar with the chat software
  • Be careful what you post
  • Let someone know when you’re not available

Live video sessions for classes or work

  • Put your best face forward.
  • Use a live broadcast reminder when you’re using your camera
  • Check your live camera space before broadcasting
Offline communication techniques

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