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Nurse Earns Degrees at WGU to Leverage Promotion

Feb 20, 2018

Once she felt her career plateauing, Tamika Tyus took it upon herself to further her education and improve her future prospects. Before this, the Brownsville, Tenn., native had earned a Licensed Practical Nursing degree in 1998 and worked for a decade as a unit manager at HCA.

Tamika began at WGU Tennessee in 2015 with the goal of advancing to a higher position at HCA — and she did just that. Enrolled in the Management and Leadership program, Tamika received her bachelor’s degree in 2016 and was subsequently promoted to director of nursing for senior psychiatric services. Thrilled with her WGU Tennessee learning experience, she continued her education to earn an MSN in the Nursing Leadership and Management program.

“This was one of the best programs for me. If you are motivated to learn, WGU enables you with the resources you need to succeed.” She added, “You have the library, the course tips, the course mentors, the student mentors, and so many other available sources of help.”

Her favorite aspects of WGU were the mentors, who she credits for much of her success, and the flexibility to take courses at her own pace.

While she enjoyed every class she took, she says she is especially grateful for the organizational leadership course because she applies the knowledge she obtained from that class everyday on her current job.

“I received my LPN all the way back in 1998, and I came to realize I needed to further my education to advance my career. I am so grateful that WGU Tennessee allowed me to accomplish this at my own pace.”

Tamika looks forward to growing more in her current role, and, in the long term, she hopes to leverage her education and background to unlock her full potential in management.

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