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Kathy Blankenship Lifelong Learning WGU Texas

Mar 31, 2023

Kathy Blankenship's Pursuit of Lifelong Learning Through WGU Texas

Kathy Blankenship is a highly dedicated educator, wife, and mother of two adult children. With 20 years of experience as a teacher and a strong passion for learning, Kathy embarked on a journey to further her education through WGU Texas.

Finding the Right Educational Fit

One day when she was scrolling through Facebook, Kathy came across WGU Texas and was immediately drawn to their competency-based learning approach. After leaving a University of Texas program and finding another online university stressful, she felt she needed a school she could control in terms of her schedule.

The Impact of an Amazing Mentor
Every successful journey comes with the support and guidance of a mentor, and for Kathy, that person was Kimberly Taylor. Kimberly's dedication to understanding Kathy's needs and providing timely assistance played a crucial role in her success at WGU Texas. Kimberly ensured she was there for Kathy without “hovering or being overbearing,” striking the perfect balance of support.

Family Support

Kathy's children, who are in high school and college themselves, served as her biggest supporters and cheerleaders as she pursued her master’s degree at WGU Texas. Their enthusiasm for her educational journey served as motivation for Kathy to continue progressing.

A Rewarding Experience
Challenging herself to complete her Master's degree in one year, Kathy accomplished this goal in just nine months, overcoming the barriers from her previous attempts and graduating with less than six months of house payments. Her dedication to her studies, coupled with the flexible and controlled schedule that WGU Texas provided, played a significant role in her success.

Looking Forward to the Future
With an M.Ed. under her belt, Kathy's salary increased by more than $1,000 a year. Although she plans to remain in teaching for the time being, she's excited about the new opportunities and experiences that her master's degree will bring her. Her passion for learning remains unwavering, and should WGU Texas launch a doctoral program, Kathy will be eager to embark on another educational journey.

Kathy Blankenship's journey with WGU Texas exemplifies the transformative power of lifelong learning and the exceptional opportunities afforded by the Teachers College at WGU. WGU's commitment to providing flexible, affordable, and accredited online education programs caters to the unique needs of working adults like Kathy.

The Teachers College offers a wide range of degree programs in education, from bachelor's degrees to master's and post-baccalaureate endorsements, allowing educators to advance their careers, hone their skills, and shape the future of education. Kathy's experience serves as an inspiration to others, proving that with dedication and the right support system, pursuing higher education at WGU is an achievable and rewarding endeavor. As more educators turn to WGU for their continued professional growth, the ripple effect of their success will be felt throughout the educational community, ultimately benefiting students and shaping brighter futures.  Embark on your own educational journey with WGU's Teachers College today!

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