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The Value of IT Certifications

May 30, 2015

Some of the questions that we often hear from prospective IT students are “What is the real value of the various IT certifications you offer?” and “Is it worth my time and money to get one?”

The short answer is “Yes!”  While earning a degree will help you get your foot in the door, the average employer requires more from their IT staffs.

WGU Texas recognizes industry certifications as an important component in the development of a well-rounded, highly educated IT professional poised to thrive in a competitive job market. That’s why, as part of their degree programs, students working toward degrees from WGU Texas’ College of Information Technology also earn a number of highly respected industry certifications, at no additional cost. Additionally, incoming students who already hold industry certifications may have some of their course requirements toward a bachelor’s degree waived. Click here for a list of transferable certifications.

All WGU Texas degree programs are competency-based, a learning model that focuses on student learning rather than time spent in class. And, with our flat-rate tuition of about $3,000 per six-month term regardless of how many courses are completed, students can also save time and money.

WGU Texas CompTIA Scholarship

To help motivated IT professionals go further in their careers by earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree, WGU Texas recently partnered with information technology industry association CompTIA to create a new WGU Texas CompTIA Scholarship. The scholarships provide $500 per term up to $2,000. The scholarship is open to new students enrolling in one of the online university’s nine competency-based IT degree programs who have earned at least one CompTIA certification in the past five years. The application deadline is June 30, 2014.

Stand out in the Texas job market by earning your certifications while pursuing a degree at WGU Texas!

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