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February 18, 2020

Student Success

Role model mural features Texas graduate.

The first mural in the series commissioned by WGU was unveiled in San Antonio, featuring graduate Jaqueline Becerra.

Ambition Never Rests mural, full view

In some underserved neighborhoods, going to college doesn’t seem like a possibility. Designed to inspire others in similar circumstances to reach their full potential, the WGU Role Model Murals project AND We Won’t Rest Campaign places murals of WGU graduates in the underserved neighborhoods across the U.S. where they grew up. 

The first mural in the series commissioned by WGU was unveiled in a neighborhood on the west side of San Antonio. The mural was painted by a local street art duo, Los Otros, and features WGU Texas graduate, Jacqueline Becerra.  

Jacqueline grew up in poverty. At the unveiling, she shared her experiences of growing up around gang violence and enduring physical and emotional hardships. She says that in the area in which she grew up, most people didn’t dream of going to college. She wants to be a role model for people who grew up in similar circumstances as she did and inspire them to not let their experiences destroy or define them. She now uses her experiences as a driving force to help people facing the same hopelessness.

Although she endured hardships early in life, Jacqueline never let those circumstances limit her. Instead, she not only went to college, but earned a bachelor’s degree and then enrolled in the Master of Science in Nursing program at WGU Texas.  

She is now the Nursing Director at Tenet Healthcare in San Antonio. Additionally, alongside her husband, Jacqueline started and operates a network of safe houses for victims of human and sex trafficking, both in the U.S. and Mexico.

“Jacqueline represents the ideals that WGU Texas values most: determination, community and a willingness to give back,” said WGU Texas Chancellor, Dr. Steven Johnson. “We’re excited to share this special moment with her and to share this special piece of local art with the San Antonio community.”

 “I hope the mural revealed today will inspire a younger generation to achieve the dreams within them,” Jacqueline said. “I highly recommend education as the way to accomplish your dreams and am so grateful to WGU Texas for their support today and throughout my education. WGU Texas doesn’t see you as just a student, they see you as a person with goals, ambitions, and dreams,” she added. 

For those living in underserved neighborhoods where going to college doesn’t seem like a possibility, WGU hopes to change that perspective through the mural project. Across the U.S. murals of WGU graduates will be placed in the underserved neighborhoods where they grew up to encourage others to follow their ambitions and help make a difference in the world. For more information about WGU Texas visit

Read more about Jacqueline’s story and learn about the mural artists.


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