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Why WGU Washington Works for Me

Answer the question and win a chance to go to the ballgame with WGU Washington!

Jun 28, 2019

We want to take you out to a ballgame!

WGU Washington is giving away four tickets to a Tacoma Rainiers game of your choice during the month of August. We’re even throwing in a $75 gift card to be used for dinner, snacks, and souvenirs!

To enter the drawing, contestants only need answer the question: "Why WGU Washington Works for Me?” Either post your answer to the question on WGU Washington’s Facebook page using the hashtag #WhyWGU – or email your answer to our PR Coordinator at Winners will be chosen randomly from among all respondents.

There’s plenty of time to enter. We’ll pick the winners on Wednesday, July 17.

In the meantime, here’s a look how WGU Washington students and grads have answered that question in the past:

"Why WGU Washington works for me?”

Andrea K.K. - WGU Washington works for me because I work two jobs and am the busy mom to two, young children. I can study anytime, anywhere, and have been able to access an amazing education at an accelerated pace and affordable price. WGU Washington is the best!

Erin W.T. - Because WGU Washington is like a perfect storm of quality (top-notch curriculum), flexibility (do-it-yourself scheduling), and value (outstanding low tuition)! 

Taira R. - WGU Washington worked for me because it fit my family's busy schedule and allowed me to accelerate when I had the time or slow down when things got hectic. I'm a proud WGU Washington graduate!

Shauna M.S. - Where to start?? Challenging curriculum, total flexibility, wonderful mentors, my own pace, able to still be a stay-at-home mom, TONS of support, fantastic service whenever I call the school (financial aid, etc.). VERY happy with WGU!

Dawn B.F. - It allows me to stay home with my kids and still earn my degree.

Jeff W. - WGU Washington works for me because I live on an island. I've got two boys, and I need six months to schedule a haircut, let alone get into a classroom.

Amy R. - WGU Washington works for me because I'm a single mom, full-time worker, have rehearsal twice a week, and can still get my MBA!

Maggie S. - WGU Washington works for me because it provides me the support, stability, & time management coordination… making me an academically successful Night Owl! It allows me the freedom & flexibility to work on my own terms - on my own time - with a minimal amount of cost. I am receiving an amazing education for less than half what all the other universities cost. WGU Washington gives me the freedom to be a full-time mother, full-time wife, & full-time employee while earning my Bachelor of Arts in Special Education. What more could a girl ask for?!

Monica G.G. - WGU Washington works for me because my husband and I both work full-time. We have a toddler, and my husband is enrolled in evening classes at the local college. Both of us can’t physically attend college at the same time. WGU Washington means I can start my program now, rather than waiting for my husband to graduate.

Chandrea B. - WGU Washington works for me because I work and am a mom of two. Going to a brick and mortar school is not an option, and WGU Washington has been so helpful.

Kerrie K.M. - WGU Washington works for me because it allows me to fit school around my crazy schedule! As a full-time working mom of five-year-old twins, that flexibility has been the difference between being successful and not being able to enroll in school at all. I am four classes away from completing my BS and can't wait.

Robin C. - WGU Washington works for me because it lets me be me, not some university's definition of me. I can still work full-time, enjoy my hobbies and family, and balance life AND budget… because of the awesome tuition at WGU Washington. I'm rockin' my degree because of mentors and flexibility! Can't imagine it any other way!

And the “Washington” part? Really? I can study in the shade of a tree by a river, on a ferry, near the mountains, riding the train, or under the stars in the middle of a playing field!

Stefany P.S. - WGU Washington works for me because, in addition to working full-time, I am also a wife and mother. WGU Washington allows me the flexibility to choose when I study and how quickly I want to finish. The support has been amazing.

Gina P.R. - WGU Washington works for me because it's convenient. I can study on my own time and still work and be available for my family. Also, it is affordable.

James R. - WGU Washington works for me because I work full-time, plus I have to spend time with the wife and family. It's nice to go at my pace and not have to stress about getting to class or finishing homework by deadline.

Breana C. - WGU Washington works for me because I can go to school on my schedule. I can get up and see my husband off to work, get the kids up and to school, babysit to make a little money, and still cook and clean - all while earning my degree!

Becky D.R. - WGU Washington works for me because I work full time while accelerating toward a degree. I have student teaching in the fall! Whoo hoop!

Jennifer O.S. - WGU Washington works for me because I am a mother of three and the university allows me to get my bachelors on my time.

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