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WGU Texas, El Paso County Sign Agreement to Make Higher Education More Accessible

Partnership streamlines process to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees

Oct 21, 2019

AUSTIN – WGU Texas and El Paso County announced a new partner agreement to create seamless transfer pathways for county employees who want to earn their bachelor’s or master’s degree with WGU Texas.  

“This collaboration creates an important new educational pathway for county employees,” said Michael Glazebrook, WGU Texas Manager, Strategic Partnerships. “Working together, we can provide educational opportunities that will further advance their careers and workforce readiness.”

El Paso County is the westernmost county in Texas and sixth-most populous county in the state. El Paso is a major transportation hub, providing advanced educational and medical facilities, abundant cultural and entertainment opportunities. Through the agreement with WGU Texas, El Paso County employees may select among the more than 60 accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in information technology, business, health professions and teaching. Transfer students also receive special benefits including:

  • 5 percent discounted tuition at WGU Texas,
  • Exclusive partner scholarships, valued at up to $2,000,
  • Comprehensive transfer policy. 

“WGU Texas is proud to be part of El Paso County’s investment in its employees and their educational goals,” said Dr. Steven Johnson, Chancellor, WGU Texas. “This partnership creates an opportunity to provide accessible, affordable, high-quality educational opportunities for working adults that lead to great outcomes.”

WGU Texas’ competency-based model awards degrees based on a student’s ability to demonstrate mastery of a series of competencies—skills and knowledge recognized by employers as crucial to career success. This approach to higher education enables students to progress through their program as quickly as they are able, accelerating through material they learn quickly or already know well from work or previous educational experiences. It also ensures that what they are learning along the way is workforce relevant.

WGU Texas’ current enrollment is 12,800 students with students enrolled in 233 of the state’s 254 counties, including nearly 200 students in El Paso County. 75 percent of WGU Texas students hold full-time jobs.

More information about the partnership is available on and websites.


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