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WGU Washington Announces Superhero Within Scholarship

Nonprofit, online university launches new, $2,000 scholarship opportunity

Jun 3, 2019

KENT – To encourage working adults to unleash their academic superpowers and realize their full potentials, WGU Washington announced the Superhero Within Scholarship. Valued up to $2,000 per award, that scholarship can be applied to any of WGU’s more than 60 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in business, healthcare, IT and teaching. Applications are being accepted now through July 31, 2019. 

To be eligible for that scholarship, applicants must be officially admitted to WGU Washington, complete the scholarship application, and be interviewed by a university scholarship counselor. A comprehensive list of eligibility requirements can be found here. Recipients will be selected based on their academic records, financial needs, and readiness for online study at WGU Washington, among other considerations. 

The Superhero Within Scholarship is one of the many opportunities that make up the university’s extensive scholarship program. The university also offers eligible students financial aid to remove barriers to accessing higher education. Additionally, WGU Washington strives to provide affordable tuition for all students. The university is committed to keeping tuition low—in fact, tuition is roughly half the cost of most other online universities. 

WGU Washington uses a unique competency-based educational model that measures learning rather than time spent in class. That system allows busy, working adults to advance their careers without disrupting work or other obligations. Students progress through their coursework by studying on their own time and — once they're ready — proving what they've learned.

Prior work experience and academic knowledge may enable students to accelerate through subject matter they already know, giving them more time to focus on what they still need to learn. That enables many students to accelerate their studies, finishing faster, which saves not only time, but money.

To learn more about the WGU Washington Superhero Within Scholarship, visit:

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