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Bachelor's degree programs in IT.

Add a degree and valuable certifications to your résumé.

You’ve got the experience, the knack for technology, and the drive to do more; now you need the degree. Your experience and existing skill set are valuable assets at WGU: They mean you won’t have to spend unnecessary time studying the concepts you already know.  And as you complete your coursework toward your degree, you'll also be picking up some of the industry's top certifications—requiring no extra time or cost.

Protect your career and earning potential with this degree:

  • Time: 73% of graduates finish in 6–18 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,520 per 6-month term.

Careers and jobs this degree will prepare you for:

  • Cyber crimes investigator
  • Director of cybersecurity
  • Chief of cyber counterintelligence
  • Cybersecurity engineer
  • Cyber operations planner

Lean into data, and walk away with a cutting-edge online degree:

  • Time: 83% of graduates finish in 9–18 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,520 per 6-month term.
  • Certifications: CIW, Oracle, and CompTIA certs, all included.

Unique to WGU's program is the incorporation of a Udacity Nanodegree—a highly recognized credential designed to prepare you for a career in data science.

Oracle certifications included:

  • Oracle Database 12c: Administrator Certified Associate
  • Oracle Database SQL

Certified Internet Web certifications included:

  • CIW Data Analyst
  • CIW Site Development Associate

Additional certifications included are CompTIA A+ (Parts 1 and 2), CompTIA Network+,  CompTIA Project+, and CompTIA IT Operations Specialist.

Award-winning coursework and value-add certifications make this online program a top choice:

  • Time: 73% of graduates finish in 7–37 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,520 per 6-month term.
  • Certifications: Includes CIW, ITIL, LPI and CompTIA.

Certified Internet Web certifications included:

  • CIW Site Development Associate
  • CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3
  • CIW User Interface Designer

Also, the LPI Linux Essentials and ITIL® Foundation Certification are central to this program. Included CompTIA certifications are A+, Network+, Security+, Project+, and Cloud Essentials.

A program designed to arm you with the certifications and credentials you need for a career like systems administrator, computer systems analyst, cloud support specialist, AWS support administrator, and more.

  • Time: 74% of graduates who earn an IT bachelor's degree from WGU finish in less than three years.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,520 per 6-month term.
  • Transfer: Your previous college coursework and existing certifications may waive course requirements, helping you finish even faster,

Certifications included, at no extra cost:

  • Amazon AWS SysOps Administration–Associate
  • LPI Linux Essentials
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials
  • CompTIA Cloud+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Project+
  • CompTIA IT Operations Specialist
  • CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional
  • CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist
  • CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional
  • Axelos ITIL® Foundation
  • CIW Site Development Associate

Earning certs on the path to your degree gives you credentials that will boost your résumé right away, even before you complete your online degree program.

Problem solvers and math lovers needed! Your task: Lay the groundwork for the computing breakthroughs that will enable tomorrow's technologies. 

  • Time: 74% of IT bachelor's grads finish in 6–36 mos.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,520 per 6-month term.
  • Transfer: Your previous college coursework and existing certifications may waive course requirements, helping you finish even faster.

Certifications included:

  • CIW Site Development Associate
  • CompTIA Project+
  • Oracle Database SQL
  • Axelos ITIL Foundation

Professionals who need the skills a computer science degree provides include computer systems analysts, computer programmers, artificial intelligence specialists, software engineers, machine learning engineers, and more.

For network operations and security professionals:

  • Time:  81% of graduates finish in 12–48 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,520 per 6-month term.
  • Certifications: several CIW and CompTIA included in this program.

Included certifications:

  • CIW Site Development Associate
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Cisco Certified Design Associate

CompTIA certifications included are A+, Network+, Security+, and Project+. This program will help you develop strong skills in network design, network operations, and security management.

You're a creative and tech genius who wants the bigger opportunities.

  • Time: 73% of graduates finish in 9–33 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,520 per 6-month term.
  • Certifications: several CIW and CompTIA included in this program.

Certified Internet Web certifications included:

  • CIW Site Development Associate
  • CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS Specialist
  • CIW User Interface Designer

CompTIA A+ and Project+ are included in the program coursework. Software development is the second-highest rated specialty within IT. Secure your future with a degree and additional certifications.

A program designed for future leaders in HIM:

  • Time: 72% of grads earned this degree in 18–48 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,545 per 6-month term, plus one-time Health Professions Student Fee of $350.

Careers and jobs this degree will prepare you for:

  • Director of informatics
  • HIMS chief
  • Information systems auditor
  • Outpatient coder
  • Health records manager

This CAHIIM-accredited program makes you eligible for the RHIA exam.

IT managers are needed in nearly every organization:

  • Time: 71% of grads finish in 17–41 months.
  • Tuition and fees: $3,370 per 6-month term.

Careers and jobs this business degree will prepare you for:

  • Vice president of risk management
  • Product security incident manager
  • Vice president of technical services
  • CTO and CIO
  • Director of IT

Key competencies of these online courses align with industry needs: management and leadership, networks and security, and information systems management.

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An IT degree from WGU will do great things for your career, and your resume. Just ask our grads.

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They're Prepared.

Blue colored circular bar graph that shows that 100% of employers that were surveyed felt that WGU grads were prepared for their jobs.

Employers said that WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs.

They Perform.

Green colored circular bar graph that shows that 93% of employers that were surveyed rated WGU grads' job performance as very good or excellent.

Employers rated WGU graduates' job performance as very good or excellent.

They Wow.

Purple colored circular bar grap that shows that 94% of employers that were surveyed felt that WGU grads had exceeded their expectations.

Employers said their WGU graduates have exceeded their expectations.

They're Confident.

Blue double bar graph comparing how confident WGU grads were that their coursework related to their jobs WGU: 78%, U.S. avg: 68%

Graduates said the majority of their coursework was related to their jobs.

They're Working.

Green double bar graph comparing how many WGU grads are working full-time compared to grads from other universities. WGU: 88%, U.S. avg: 71%

Graduates are working full-time.

They're Satisfied.

Purple double bar graph comparing how many WGU grads felt satisfied that their degrees were worth paying for WGU: 91%, U.S. avg: 67%

Graduates said their degrees were worth the cost of their education.

Source: 2016 Harris Poll survey of 301 employers; 2016 Harris Poll Online survey of 1,403 new college graduates nationwide compared with survey of 1,207 WGU graduates; WGU--Gallup 2016 Report

“WGU has had an immediate and profound impact on my life. Today I am an analyst at one of the largest healthcare companies in the country. None of this would have been possible without the education I received from WGU.” David Hall
B.S. Information Technology

We won't waste your time.

You may be closer to your bachelor's degree than you think. At WGU, hard work, technology experience, and dedication to your studies can all add up to a faster time to completion—much faster, in many students' cases. We measure what you've learned; we don't care if you learned it through WGU's top-notch learning resources or from years of on-the-job experience—and we certainly don't care if you logged enough "semester hours" sitting in a "virtual classroom" or watching an "online lecture." Why waste time sitting through classes you could be teaching yourself? Focus on learning new skills instead.

competency, noun

Demonstrated knowledge, skill, or ability required to advance in a degree program.

At WGU, course competencies are defined by an expert council, including employers.

For this course, there are 3 areas you need to prove competency in.

Competency Areas

First, let's take a pre‑assessment.

Determine what you already know from previous work and education experience, and where you need to focus your studies. Prove your competency in 3 areas in this exercise.

Start Pre-Assessment

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Competency 2: Retrieving results...
Competency 3: Retrieving results...

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Second, study course materials.

Click on the free learning resources created by education experts that will help you master the competencies.


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Value. It's a simple calculation: quality minus cost. WGU is proof you can earn a highly respected degree that gives you a leg up in your career—without costing you an arm and a leg. Tuition in our programs is about half what you'd pay at many other online universities—and it's charged at a flat rate, not per course or per credit, so when you finish faster, you spend even less. There's a good reason WGU has been named a Best Value School by University Research & Review  year after year.

WGU is a Microsoft® IT Academy Member

As a Microsoft® IT Academy program member, WGU is able to offer students a world-class technology curriculum and courseware provided by Microsoft. Many (but not all) of your Microsoft courses will use this rich online learning resource which includes virtual labs that provide hands-on experience with Microsoft software to supplement your learning. The cost of certification exams is included in WGU tuition.

"I chose WGU because of its ease, price, and the possibility of gaining IT certifications along with my degree. Now that I've graduated, I have four years of IT experience, a bachelor's degree, and five IT certifications that help show that my skills are valuable. That's a really good jumpstart for a career. After I graduated from WGU I quickly got a much better job and nearly doubled my salary." Eric Gardner
B.S. Information Technology

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